“Turning point” in Scottish football – biggest afternoon of the season?

“Turning point” in Scottish football – biggest afternoon of the season?

As of writing, Celtic are a man down and two goals down.

It’s safe to say this could be the afternoon that everything changed in Scottish football.
As we said earlier, this was an afternoon that could expose the real gap – and with Celtic struggling to get one point never mind three, Rangers, should Livi prevail, have a glorious chance to go top of the table on merit deep into October.

The league isn’t won in October, but 3 points dropped by Lennon’s side and Rangers securing a win in Govan later today makes as big a statement of intent as Ross Wilson as DoF and a new deal for Ryan Jack.

This could be a real turning point in Scottish football.

Still, 10 minutes to go…

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  1. I told you yesterday we GO TOP THE DAY!

  2. The management can not be blamed in any way shape or form, it was two unforced errors that cost us dearly…….. But we still live to fight another day.

  3. I won’t get carried away but it is nice to be top. However we won’t win the league unless we take points off the green brigade and going by the last time we played them we will need a big improvement to beat them

    • Roland how is it you can go all doom and gloom on the back of one bad match against Separate Entity FC but you refuse to get even a tiny bit excited about back to back 5-0 wins taking us back to the top of the league. Go on let it go just a wee bit. Whatever you may think of the Ibrox defeat I saw enough then to tell me that if we turn up at all we will beat them. And I include at the Piggery.

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