Sheyi Ojo has let something slip about Ryan Kent


 Article by: Derek

We at Ibrox Noise don’t claim to be football experts. If we were we wouldn’t be writing articles.

Our aim is to try to be informative, and to call it how we see it. Even when it ruffles a few feathers.

So, it is really nice that an article that we published just before Ryan Kent put pen to paper has just been vindicated by Sheyi Ojo.

In that article we clearly said the real reason why Kent was coming back was his ability to instantly raise the game in others around him, and that was what made him so valuable.

Because, being blunt his number of goals and his number of assists are not the best.

Then there was the article that was run a few days ago.

According to the Herald, Ojo was delighted when he heard Kent was on his way back, and claimed

“Whenever I’m playing I need to be as direct as I can and hopefully influence the game as much as I can.”

Then he added,

“You can only do that with great players around you and Ryan Kent coming in can only help.”

Unpacking this and rewriting this in a different way, what Ojo just admitted is he could not make the impact he wanted by himself, and that is where Ryan Kent’s return matters so much to Ojo. According to Ojo Kent is going to make him look great again.

Ryan Kent does not need others to make an impact. He creates the impact by his love for the attacking game. He creates chances by doing the unpredictable, and those around him then pick up the pieces.

Ryan only lasted 40 minutes due to the unbelievably stupid decision to throw him in before he was ready; but he already made an impact on the team.

Watch carefully the Livingston game and you could slowly see a belief was slowly starting to return to the players. Some never lost it, but others badly need this kick up their backsides.

Now Ojo and the rest of the team owes Ryan big time. You need to be special to bear the weight of wearing the famous Rangers shirt.

You can’t wait for others to break open the door. You need to do that yourself. If you can do that, then you fully deserve to play for Rangers.

However, sadly Rangers are not yet at the point where we can just dump good players who only choose to play when they want to.

We need Kent back in the team so he can turn Ojo and Kamara and all the rest into £15 to 25 million world beaters. If that is what is required to get some in this team to work their socks off, so be it.

Ojo is a great player, but in this one press interview he confirmed the problem we have been vocal about for the last few weeks.

There are just too many in this team who are waiting for others to do the hard work, and Gerrard has been far too loyal to the prima donnas.

They need to show they can do it themselves and not rely on others.

Also, Gerrard need to realise he is no longer a team captain. He is the manager; and if a key player decides to take it easy in a major match, and we get knocked out of the Europa League, or worse get beaten again by this Celtic Team, a team that is worse than average, it is Gerrard who will ultimately get the blame.

Ojo, you owe Kent. It is clear you still do not quite understand what it is to be a Rangers player, but come this Thursday you better run yourself into the ground.

You never know, you might find that you too can motivate others around you, and you can take a little bit of the pressure off your friend.


  1. If Ojo can't raise his own game to the standard befitting Glasgow Rangers He should be dropped
    As above, if it takes Kent to get OJO revved up. Send Ojo back to Liverpool and stop pandering to a basically average player.

    "Ojo is a Great player"? mmmmmm.

    Also seeing Katic may be dropped cos Goldson didn't think he had a great day on Saturday? Aye and Goldson did?

    Btw where did the American guy and Helander and Edmundson go?

    And if anyone in the team needs support for the massive amount of work he puts in? Alfredo Morelos. Get Glenn Middleton beside him.
    Fukc hibs

  2. Ojo, is ball greedy and a selfish player i.m.o. He puts the work in, but it's all about HIS personal glory, and not, the club. Trying curling shots into goal area and never passing. He had a man to his right who could have put a sweet cross in, begging for ball, never looked anywhere else, but that goal. Like a glory-seeking youngster. Needs to learn from Jermain. Kent never bagged much goals last season. Hopefully that changes, like our luck, of late.

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