Joe Aribo drops big admission to clear up ‘misinformation’


Nigeria’s Joe Aribo has officially announced his position, playstyle and what he brings to whatever team he plays, be it club or country.

Rangers fans have been a little reserved on overall impressions of the Nigeria international, who has already scored after three minutes tonight, incidentally, but the player himself confirmed the following about his position:

“I’m a central midfielder and I like to get in and around the box, link it from either box, and I can defend and I can attack.”

So, we now have it from the horse’s mouth – not an attacking midfielder, not a defensive one, but a Steven Gerrard marauding type who is happy to support up front while doing the dirty work off the ball too.

Some have suggested he’s an attacking midfielder, but the player himself says otherwise. It’s always nice when players actually publicly address their position, so it’s useful for Aribo to have here.

In fairness, other than that bizarre left-wing selection v Celtic, Aribo has played in his correct position under Stevie, with Ryan Jack ahead of him, but now we know from the man himself formally what he prefers to play as.