15%: Remarkable Steven Gerrard numbers revealed


It was confirmed by the stattos that Thursday night marked Steven Gerrard’s 75th match as Rangers manager, a number the manager revealed he couldn’t believe.

Breaking it down though, and he has overseen 44 wins, which in fact is a 59% win rate.

How does this compare with previous managers in the post-2012 era?

Well, we have to ignore everything from before 2016, as the work in the Championship and lower isn’t relevant.

So from Mark Warburton in the SPL (all competitions) onwards, and the Bread man’s win rate is… 59%.

Then we move onto Pedro: 52%.

And frankly Graeme Murty doesn’t matter as he was never getting the job.

Now, on the face of it Gerrard’s stats look exactly the same as Mark Warburton’s, but how does the picture change when we bring losses (all competitions) into the equation:

Warburton lost 6 in his SPL season (19%), while Pedro lost 8 (30%). Stevie has lost 11 of 75, which is 15%.

In short, his win rate is better than Pedro’s, equal to Warburton’s, but crucially he’s losing less than either and therefore missing out on 3 points or cup progression less frequently than his predecessors did.

Overall the picture for Gerrard, despite recent domestic form being a bit sketchy and goals being a little stingy, is more promising than for either of his relevant main predecessors since 2012.

It’s a matter of continuing to improve that win rate to match or exceed Celtic’s, and as we will suggest later today, it’s not impossible at all.


  1. Stats can be a funny thing but I think the general consensus is that Gerrard has improved the team enormously and restored pride and guts in the jersey. Certainly doing better than Warburton and miles ahead of Pedro.

    • Aye Robrob57, a funny thing indeed! Wondering what the stats would say when asking; By how much has the 'feel good factor' belief/confidence of the supporters increased/restored, since SG's arrival? For me, by at least a 200%, give or take wee bit:-) So, it's not just the team he's restoring, it's the whole Rangers family it seems…Big brother Stevie, gotta love the guy!

  2. At this time last season we had played 16 competitive games and drawn 7 of them. This season we have played 15 competitive games and drawn 2. Winning the games we were drawing last season demonstrates the excellent progress made.

  3. alanc makes the point best. We lost the league last year because of the number of draws. We already have more wins against Hibs and Killie than least season. Dropping 2 point regularly kills you as surely as losses

  4. Not sure this is entirely good news. Lennon win ratio as a rookie manager was about 70%. His current ratio is about 75%. In that light 59% is simply not good enough.

    Be handy could if someone(hint hint) could work out the win ratio since say the end of January transfer window as that might paint a nicer picture.

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