We’re not sure anyone cares about ‘controversy’ at Rugby Park…


As Rangers scored their opening goal yesterday, a few ‘naughty’ songs were used by the away support in vociferous backing of the men on the pitch.

Ibrox Noise knew this would be highlighted by some, and it certainly was, if, for once, not hugely by the media, but by the sensitive souls in our support and across the country.

Now, before we go on, we are not condoning tasteless chants about Protestants and Catholics – we don’t support violence nor are we in favour of anyone being up to their knees in anything.

However, we honestly feel that the truth is, and this goes for Celtic and their pro-IRA mince as well – who cares anymore?

At every football ground there’s poison, and we’d much rather it stays as vocal nonsense than spilling onto the pitch or people hurting each other.

Celtic have glorified terrorism forever and no one ever did a thing about it – Rangers similarly have had more than a few bigoted chants.

But our honest stance is there’s far worse to worry about these days than football fans getting overzealous with their song of choice.

This is not to condone any of it – we would far rather these chants didn’t smear our game, but the problem is our game has been a swilling sewer for decades, and short of banning singing at football stadiums, there’s not much clubs can do if 5k fans in a stand are vocally endorsing historical violent acts.

It’s not that we now are in favour of these chants, we’ve just better things to do with our time than worry about naughty vocals.

In this post-Trump/Brexit/Hong Kong/Mass Shooting/Johnson world, what do a few stupid lyrics really mean in the grand scheme of things.

We’re not sure any more.


  1. Time for our support to open their eyes and see that we are under microscope more than any other team in the land- singing about fk the pope etc is giving those that want to see us hammered more ammunition. Yesterdays reactions to the winner should have stayed in the stands and not have led to fans on the pitch. Nowt getting said be media about their fenian banner – says it all, we need to wisen up big time .

  2. Personally as someone who has mobility problems following a car accident I care a great deal about the damage to the disabled section – as im sure all decent fans do. Those responsible for the damage could have killed disabled rangers fans, I am shocked at how little condemnation I have seen from fellow fans.

    I terms of the singing – these songs are from the last centaury and should stay there. Half these fools have no idea about the events they sign about and the other half are narrow minded bigoted fools who do nothing but damage the club they claim to support.

    Its time for decent fans to stand up to the morons. I would suggest this blog and other fan sites should be leading those calls, and ask why they don't?

    • Agreed.I for one don't like some of the garbage that is sung. We have had and do have Catholic players. In addition we also have Catholic supporters,how they manage to support our team whilst listening to the bile, I don't know. Before anyone says whitaboot etc. we need to put our house in order before pointing the finger at anyone else.

  3. Our away support needs to learn to behave. We are a target and the least little misdemeanor is highlighted by the media.

  4. Oh dear,my last comment was not approved, I wonder why? is it because this site is being run by hypocrites?I am a Rangers supporter and whether certain people agree with my opinion or not I believe in our club moving forward hence the club's advertised inclusive policy.One thing I have learn't supporting Rangers for over 60 years,scratch the surface and you will always find the bigots whichever team they support. Hello Ibrox Noise!

  5. You are bang out of order. Most fans are sick to the back teeth of these eejits with their bigoted chants and songs. The club's new initiative looks a joke when fans are subjected to their hate filled chants.
    We have plenty of good Rangers football songs for all our fans to enjoy. Focus on support for the team not hatred of everyone else

    • Spot on,mate!

      Was making monkey noises at black players like our very own Mark Walters only a bit of "vocal nonsense"? Was the Aberdeen banner aimed at Morelos last season just a bit of harmless " nonsense"?

      Should we just shrug our shoulders,accept it and move on?

      No! Chants aimed at an individual or a collective group because of their skin colour, religion, sexual orientation or country of origin is unacceptable. I think you will find that a lot of people do care and the sweep it under the carpet attitude does not help. On an even more serious note, the shameful pitch invasion resulted in damage to property and a vulnerable fan being injured. Hardly a little bit of "controversy". As one
      of the biggest clubs in Scotland, we need to lead the way forward and set the agenda for positive change.

  6. It's a few songs, the permanently offended Scottish masses are destroying their country with their namby pamby politically correct drivel, Scotland used to be a country to be reckoned with now its a cesspit of left leaning fools

  7. It is time the bigots put a sock in it. Who really wants to hear the rubbish they sing. The club is striving to make changes for the better so should the support.
    I certainly wouldn't bring my grandkids with me to hear that. Let's all move in one direction forward not backwards.
    As was previously stated we are under the microscope for everything we do and, yesterday at Kilmarnock was shameful.

  8. We have many moronic fans. Sit in any stand at Ibrox during a match (including the so called Family Stand) and you hear these idiots spouting all sorts of vile even with young kids close by. Some of our fans are living in the dark ages. Police do nothing,stewards do nothing and fans policing themselves just does not happen. who is going up against a drunken moron?

  9. If away fans cannot control their singing, which they don't do at Ibrox because they will be identified and banned, then let's stop taking tickets for away games where we give money to clubs who dislike us.
    The away fans need to control themselves or the matter will be taken out of their hands

  10. With Hibs and Motherwell invading the pitch to goad our fans to fight,, this is called "exuberance". We celebrate a goal and we are animals!
    Same shit, different season in the eyes of the BBC Celtic Media!
    Win the league and make them all sick, that is all we need to do!

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