Monday, 5 August 2019

We're not sure anyone cares about 'controversy' at Rugby Park...

As Rangers scored their opening goal yesterday, a few ‘naughty’ songs were used by the away support in vociferous backing of the men on the pitch.

Ibrox Noise knew this would be highlighted by some, and it certainly was, if, for once, not hugely by the media, but by the sensitive souls in our support and across the country.

Now, before we go on, we are not condoning tasteless chants about Protestants and Catholics – we don’t support violence nor are we in favour of anyone being up to their knees in anything.

However, we honestly feel that the truth is, and this goes for Celtic and their pro-IRA mince as well – who cares anymore?

At every football ground there’s poison, and we’d much rather it stays as vocal nonsense than spilling onto the pitch or people hurting each other.

Celtic have glorified terrorism forever and no one ever did a thing about it – Rangers similarly have had more than a few bigoted chants.

But our honest stance is there’s far worse to worry about these days than football fans getting overzealous with their song of choice.

This is not to condone any of it – we would far rather these chants didn’t smear our game, but the problem is our game has been a swilling sewer for decades, and short of banning singing at football stadiums, there’s not much clubs can do if 5k fans in a stand are vocally endorsing historical violent acts.

It’s not that we now are in favour of these chants, we’ve just better things to do with our time than worry about naughty vocals.

In this post-Trump/Brexit/Hong Kong/Mass Shooting/Johnson world, what do a few stupid lyrics really mean in the grand scheme of things.

We’re not sure any more.
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