Monday, 19 August 2019

Shocking new stat reveals just how far Rangers have come...

We’ve been extremely positive this season about what we’re seeing on the pitch. It’s hard not to be. Even this grumpy lot at Ibrox Noise are finding much to be cheerful about and we’re witnessing what feels like a real serious Rangers returning before our very eyes.

And one such vast improvement the past near half year has been the remarkable stat that in the last five months, Rangers have lost one single match. One.

That’s right, the only match we’ve lost going back to April 1st (and this is no joke) was the irrelevant bare-bones team for Killie.

Otherwise Rangers have a 100% unbeaten record in every single match, competitive or friendly all the way back to March 31 when Celtic got the better of us.

How many matches is that? 21. 15 competitive, 6 friendlies – 0 losses.

It’s an absolutely bewildering stat matched only by two sides, and one's in green and white…

The only sides in the UK to match Rangers’ stonking record over the past 22 matches (two losses) are Pep Guardiola's all-conquering Man City and the one with a clean sweep of every trophy the past three seasons. And it’s only Rangers who stop Celtic beating it.

If ever there was a sign of Rangers’ renaissance, the Gerrard affect and the clear beginning to match Celtic, this is now it.
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