Shocking new stat reveals just how far Rangers have come…


We’ve been extremely positive this season about what we’re seeing on the pitch. It’s hard not to be. Even this grumpy lot at Ibrox Noise are finding much to be cheerful about and we’re witnessing what feels like a real serious Rangers returning before our very eyes.

And one such vast improvement the past near half year has been the remarkable stat that in the last five months, Rangers have lost one single match. One.

That’s right, the only match we’ve lost going back to April 1st (and this is no joke) was the irrelevant bare-bones team for Killie.

Otherwise Rangers have a 100% unbeaten record in every single match, competitive or friendly all the way back to March 31 when Celtic got the better of us.

How many matches is that? 21. 15 competitive, 6 friendlies – 0 losses.

It’s an absolutely bewildering stat matched only by two sides, and one’s in green and white…

The only sides in the UK to match Rangers’ stonking record over the past 22 matches (two losses) are Pep Guardiola’s all-conquering Man City and the one with a clean sweep of every trophy the past three seasons. And it’s only Rangers who stop Celtic beating it.

If ever there was a sign of Rangers’ renaissance, the Gerrard affect and the clear beginning to match Celtic, this is now it.


  1. I bet quite heavy on the football , We were 10 /1 last season , I couldn't touch us at that but I've put £2000 on at 5to 2 , we are less than 2to 1 now , betting patterns dont mean anything, we are just coming together and this is our season . Cant wait for the party at the end of the season .

  2. I shall review your post in 3 months time False dawn again Sad but true.

    Financial gap too wide. I hope I am wrong but a prefer realism.

    • We have not closed "the gap" in all senses, however on the pitch and managerially we are good and stable and building momentum. Whereas They look like they're about to self destruct. I don't believe we are better man for man, but as a unit we are right now clearly superior and momentum can take a team a hell of a long way. This is the best chance yet

  3. Well done , grumpies. Rome was not built in a day. SG was a great appointment but during season you guys were quite critical. The bigger picture is that club has to be restructured and we have to live within our means. Scottish football is now Micky mouse in world terms and they will have to rely on Rangers to build up Scotland’s reputation. Celtic, and to a lesser extent , Aberdeen , had a wonderful opportunity to do so when Rangers were unjustifiably removed from top level. Next having plenty money won’t bring top European players to Scotland.At best Scotland will get leftovers or promising youngsters. So we must develop from within. We seem to have made a good start. However first things first. Our strategy must be to qualify to group stages this month. If we don’t it’s not a disaster but a disappointment. We must support SG. To me he has signed a 4 year contract and we must give him the time. I expect us to win league. But if we don’t we will finish 2nd. Again a disappointment but not a disaster. However if I was a Celtic fan I would not be happy. Winning league when there was nothing to beat is nothing to be proud of. Not qualifying for Champoins league again is shameful. For Rangers too actually. We need all points for future years. We need them playing two games a week till Xmas. So SG is planning correctly. So , Grumpies, get behind him this season and enjoy the ride. Even the bad days will be good.

  4. Thistle picture framing. I will review YOUR post after the Ibrox encounter there will be no false dawn, your bravado comment carries no weight and we will be delighted when you we hammer you and your Eastendia sky caves in, Rangers WILL put you in your rightfull place, that is realism.
    Financial gap then let's see you spend it, prove it instead of talking about it

  5. Thistle picture ? Is he stuck in the Alan rough and Alan Hansen days ? This is the moment, the time is now . Never thought until this year we had a chance of winning the league, but now think it's a given , morelos is 10 times better than last year , Defoe is even better , we are arguing as our midfield are that good we are arguing ,Hellander cant get a game as Katic is playing so well , pass it now , let's party .

  6. You sure are a grumpy one , Ibrox noise but you tell it close to 90% of the way it is , can we have a poll on how many points we will win the league by , thanks .

  7. I for one, have my feet firmly on the ground. Against Killie, it took a last minute gasp to win the game. If we are going to be honest, after Hibs scored we were found wanting until the sending off, then we came out on top.
    We are still wobbly in defence and still letting in stupid goals.
    We still need another striker.
    When it comes down to it, I don't care how we get the 3 points, as long as we get them, but to start going down the road of euphoria with only 2 SPFL wins(Europe is secondary to me, I want the league), is just a nonsense!
    A lot of work still to be done, mark my words!

    • Gers you may have your feet on the ground but they must be secured by concrete blocks. Have you no room for optimism in your life. I can't disagree with much of what you say but we are making progress and I see room to believe we can get silverware this season.

    • Robrob, Like all of us on here, I want us to win this league badly! We NEED to win this league or we give our biggest rivals the biggest history bragging rights of all time by winning 9IAR twice, and a chance to make the record breaking 10 in a row. That is the sheer gravity of our season this year. To buy the likes of Greg Stewart as a striker, angers me and shows disrespect to what we seriously need to achieve here!
      Yes, the results in Europe and SPFL have positive, result wise,, but we are still showing the same cracks and inconsistency throughout our play, missing many chances, and letting in stupid goals when our team fall asleep, usually when we go in front!!
      Killie and Hibs still exposed us and a last minute goal and a sending off was our get out of jail card. Now, I will take that every time, 3 points. But to jump up and down with euphoria is just not something I have the confidence to do right now.
      Ibrox Noise asked pre-season if we could win the league. I said yes we could, as long as we are consistent and stop letting stupid, point costing goals in,,and start burying our chances more. We lost the league last season, not against Celtic, but the bread and butter games, that is criminal and hard to take!
      I am confident we have a team that can win the league, I kick every ball when watching our team play and pray we score and not to let any in. Most of all I pray we win that league before its too late.
      The only silverware I want Robrob, is the title. I will breathe and maybe lighten up after we do!!

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