Rangers’ quest for 55 has just come from an unlikely source


There is little doubt Neil Lennon has given Rangers and our fans triple incentive to shut him up this season, to win 55.

By asking for 15 titles in a row, Celtic’s boss has only given Rangers the fuel we need to give it every inch to ensure it doesn’t happen.

We know this 10IAR malarkey is getting perilously close to happening, and 9IAR, however tainted, will still be 9IAR if we don’t secure 55 this season, but Lennon’s bragging about wanting to get to 15 is the kind of fodder Steven Gerrard should have on the Ibrox dressing room for the players to read every single match.

Rangers players, especially those like McGregor, Halliday, Jack, Davis and a bunch of others know what this club means, and what beating Celtic means. They are us, they are our fans and representation in the shirt – and no one will give more than the likes of them for seeing that kind of trolling by Celtic’s manager.

We know 9IAR is a real threat this season, and Celtic are the side to beat – it’s up to Steven Gerrard to use that kind of braggard, that kind of arrogance, to push his men onto a run that secures 55 this season.

Of course, Rangers players should never need any kind of motivation to go out there and win, but this is an extra carrot.

This is that proverbial picture for the dartboard – but instead of throwing darts, we just want our players to see it. To see the pomposity of such an assertion and use it to up our game and halt 9IAR.

It’s going to be tough, we already know this – but this greedy little comment has just given the kind of fire up our players’ backsides that pushes them further.

And that fire must start at Killie.


  1. Need to find the knack of scoring against teams that park the buses. We have to be clinical and have hearts of lions in every single game we go into.
    Our attitude again Progres was a massive warning to me that we still have a problem of producing consistency.
    The season starts for real against Killie tomorrow, I hope and pray we come out the traps like greyhounds and romp home with the 3 points.
    I said in a previous article, I believe we have the players and team to win the league this season. It's now up to them to want the title as badly as we do!

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