Bold claim made at Ibrox – but is it accurate?


On top of Steven Gerrard’s intriguing claim about Alfredo Morelos and the lack of interest in him is his assertion to that the striker doesn’t owe Rangers, or indeed anyone, anything.

That he’s earned his success and doesn’t owe anything at all to anyone else.

Well, that’s just not true.

If Alfredo Morelos owes his career to someone, it’s Jonatan Johansson, without whom it’s feasible this Colombian hitman would still be in Finland.

He also owes Rangers a tonne of grace for tolerating his disciplinarian disgraces, while putting up with his complete lack of engagement with supporters.

The boy has (mostly) delivered on the pitch, that’s very true, but JJ’s scouting alerted Rangers to his abilities and then Ibrox and the club have given him a grand stage on which to promote his services.

He also owes Rangers fans a goal or two against Celtic.

We don’t completely agree with Stevie on this one. Strictly, technically it is true that Freddo doesn’t owe anyone anything. He is not in debt to anyone, and he did show grace in fact by signing an extension.

But we’re quite sure he was handsomely rewarded for that, and we just feel that morally speaking Morelos has been such a circus for two years at Ibrox that the idea he has no ‘obligations’ to the club seems a little far-fetched.

Of course, the manager would say this – he would defend any player from a provocative question like that, as he should.

But the reality – Morelos does owe Rangers a bit, and he sure as heck owes JJ a lot.

But, maybe we owe him some things too.

Mutual beneficiaries.


  1. The bottom line re- Alfredo is as plain as the nose on your face, the boy is extremely & naturally talented, (and that undoubtedly is a fact) & by "naturally" I am actually highlighting the fact that brain power & thought processes don,t really come into it!

    His general attitude stinks, his team ethos stinks, his on pitch behaviour stinks & is, by a country mile, the worse I have ever seen in a Gers shirt & has contributed greatly to the negative press/media crap we have continually had to suffer since this rocket came to Ibrox

    He, The Great Alfredo, is THE constant justification excuse for the anti-Rangers press maggot's to stick the boot in to us at every opportunity & the truth is we have really done bugger all to effectively get the message through to him that this is not acceptable behaviour & the cart appears to be very much to be leading the horse on this one (Jock Wallace would have punched his lights out – no danger)

    The fact is the wee man is NEVER EVER going to make it big time, and WHY is that??

    Because the guy is as thick as pick shit & simply does not & never will, posses the brain capacity to learn or overcome his failings, SAD, but TRUE

    Get rid asap, & if any other team is daft enough to buy him & we manage to get more than £5m then we have lost a penny and found a tenner

    Nobody ever said that fitba players were particularly bright but this guy takes the biscuit

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