Rangers have dodged a massive massive bullet

Rangers have dodged a massive massive bullet

While Derek McInnes’ Aberdeen did ultimately prevail against Championship Dundee, the horror start to the season for the Dons (losing in the league, papped out of Europe) only makes two things abundantly clear for Rangers:

What on EARTH was our board moving for him for? Why in the name of all that is pure and holy did the board think he would be a good appointment?

And secondly, what a stonking bullet we dodged by his bottling it and turning the gig down.

Long-time readers know we were utterly, irrefutably against that appointment – one the majority of the board endorsed and wanted.

Thankfully, the man didn’t have the spine for the job and turned it down at the eleventh hour.

Rangers ended up instead with Steven Gerrard, which, yes, was a gamble, but it is a gamble that is starting to pay serious dividends.

Meanwhile Aberdeen lose to St Mirren, lose in Europe to God knows who, and nearly lost to a Championship team but for a late winner in extra time.

Derek McInnes just isn’t a great manager, and he would have been worse than Pedro ended up being – yet for some unseen reason Rangers wanted him.

Thank you so much Derek McInnes for turning us down.

Never been so happy to be rejected.

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  1. To be fair to the board it was a time when only McInnes's name was in the hat and i guess they were grasping at straws. Of course the sheep were seeming to be an improvement under McInnes but the truth in his ability is coming out now and his decision to stay put was a big relief for many of us. He is no longer pulling the wool over peoples eyes in other words.

  2. McInnes another x Ranger that's turned Feral. If some of these clowns haven't got anything to say positively about Rangers they should keep their own council and shut their cake holes

  3. I'm in total tandem with you ibrox noise,in your assessment,regarding derek mcinnes.I said as much on here when it did look like he was going to be our manager.His level is where he is just now,simple as that for me.We would never have had a hope in hell,of ever challenging celtic, with derek 'bottle merchant' mcinnes as our manager.Two big clubs tried to get mcinnes from aberdeen,ie.us and sunderland and he bottled the two jobs, because deep down the clubs and jobs were way too big for him and he knew it.Look at the poor job he did at bristol city.I was so glad he bottled taking our manager's job, that's for sure.He's found his level up in jacobite land and he can stagnate up there for all i care.We have an iconic class young manager in steven gerrard who's doing a terrific job and is a total winner,who has high expectations of himself and the job he has as our manager.Steven Gerrard absorbs pressure as his career to date will tell you.

  4. I couldn’t believe he turned Rangers down whatever his reasons. But having failed to really challenge Celtic( no Rangers, Hearts or Hibs) was proof of his inadequacy. Good old Kenny Dalglish for getting Gerard for us.

  5. Glad the guy never took the job ,well thank the gods of football that he never did ,lets get back to winning the league and other things to be on top again,no more Celtic ,move over ,the rangers are taking over 😀😀😀😀

  6. At times last season there were fans calling for Gerrards head. You know who you are! I pointed out at the time, in my support of Gerrard, that the alternatives were all unpalatable, including McInnes. I mean, seriously some at various times were wanting Tommy Wright, Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew, etc. Feck even Neil Lemon was mentioned. I think we dodged more than one bullet. Gerrard has moved us on leaps and bounds in just 14 months. A brilliant appointment.

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