“Downsizing” – there’s a sea change, and Celtic fear it…


That infamous banner at Celtic Park was the biggest evidence of the sea change in Scottish football.

While there’s no doubt the Parkhead side have scored a pile of goals in their opening two league matches, this glosses over the details somewhat.

They’ve tumbled embarrassingly out of the Champions League, and the domestic sides they beat were not only unfancied relegation candidates, but one of them even put Celtic to the sword to the tune of two goals on their home patch.

That banner was a symbol of genuine worry. That Celtic aren’t what they were under the peak of Brendan Rodgers, while Rangers, whisper it, for the first time in 7+ years, are truly, sincerely, starting to resemble the Rangers we all expect them to be.

That Goldson winner at Killie changed everything.

It broke the hearts of Celtic who would have expected us to flounder at our bogey team – instead the side, not playing magnificently, dug deep and won a massive 3 points.

Then 100% unequivocally destroyed much-fancied Hibs.

Meanwhile 5 match wins in Europe and a tactical draw, coupled with an absolute glut of goals and a tonne of players who are starting to gain all sorts of admirers, while not forgetting the influence of one man:

Steven Gerrard.

Boy have we been critical of him in the past, but right now, this lad has got something going and it’s beginning to look a lot like Rangers.

The way he’s going, where he’s taking Rangers, we will never have been so glad to have been wrong about something in our lives – albeit, in our defence, we did back him from the get-go only occasionally being hypercritical when things went flat.

Since the start of the split last season, murky and irrelevant loss to Killie aside, we have to say Rangers have been nearly faultless. And Gerrard is giving us the Real Rangers back, the one top of the table and crushing the bottom-feeders of the league. Well, in reality Hibs are supposed to be an upper table team, but the truth is Rangers made them look like relegation candidates.

There is so much work to do, and there always will at Ibrox – but when 22-year old Joe Aribo gets a call-up to Nigeria purely because he plays for Rangers, you know something special is in the air.

Rangers, slowly, surely, steadily, are coming back – it’s been a long drawn-out nightmare, but the next time Rangers play Celtic and not only land gloves on Neil Lennon’s side but KO them, we can’t help but feel it’s been a long-time coming. There’s been glimpses of it – two wins last season, and both were great – but it’s that absolute mauling when the likes of Joe Aribo and Scott Arfield put Celtic in their place that we’re excited by.

Are we getting ahead of ourselves? If we’d beaten mince teams in Europe and lower-rung SPL ones, yes, we’d say we were.

But when The Green Brigade literally wave the white flag for their disintegrating club, we’re pretty sure we’re onto something.

We might be wrong – we’ve said this before. That Celtic are weak and Rangers have a chance.

But there’s something truly different this time.

Celtic are scared. Even though they’ve got more money, they’ve mismanaged everything and ‘downsized’ while Rangers have been Aribo-ing up in the transfer market.

You can feel it, can’t you?


  1. Their folding like a pile of cards,no one wants to sign for them !,there is also a matter of the child abuse scandal thats just about to unravel,the 1st victims been compensated with many more to come,but they stll won't say sorry…No Surrender to the victims and their family's..

  2. Downsizing that's what they call it. Biscuit tin mentality that's what I call it. They have spent £11m and pulled in £25m, where is all this surplus cash they keep bragging about and where is it going. Probably to Dessy to pay the soft loans he was giving to keep them afloat after the Bunnet left…the Co-op Bank? Keeping money stashed away for the impending Paedo cases in which one has been won. Their pathetic defence of this in which they were firm in their defence and denial of any responsibility. Now Celtic FC are admitting liability.
    The Dam has been breached and there is going to be a flood of significant compensation claims in which one has been won already.
    They Downsized when Lennon was there the first time, the reason he left was because the board would not give Lennon the money he craved to spend on players to put Celtic out of reach instead they went with a cheap option Delia and that was because they were losing £10m in revenue every year with Rangers not in the league.
    When Rangers came back into the top league Celtic quickly got rid of Delia and brought in Rodgers, why?, because Rangers coming back into the top league that would give them an extra £10m a year in revenue to pay for Rodgers and his entourage.
    Downsizing this time just an excuse because they know they are getting their ar*e kicked at Ibrox and Rangers are ready to overtake them and, the House of Cards is ready to fall

  3. I think your right in what you say but we still have to beat them to win the league simple as that. I cant see any of the other teams doing us a favour, Quite the opposite, ut I do see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. But I do think it is the Gerrard effect without him we would still be floundering. Just hope we can keep the Buff & keep the winning streak going

  4. Let's hope you are right! At this stage we haven't won anything other than a few football games early in the season. But the signs are very encouraging that Rangers really are "back", we just need to keep this run going on a consistent basis and then we can truly start to believe that the title is coming home to Ibrox!

  5. I am keeping my powder dry for the first OF game . We will win and it will finally put us back where we belong . I can see them losing more points too as they are disjointed and lack any balance . Lennon must stay …please if only to hear his pish and see his sorry face when we win the league. The SFA and SPFL haters can also suck it up when we do 55 as they disrespect us at every turn Onwards WATP

  6. Penn state, a University American Football team were found guilty of of historical child abuse and amongst many sanctions they faced the following-On July 23, 2012 five years probation. A four-year postseason ban. Vacating of all wins from 1998 to 2011–112 wins in all. A $60 million fine, the proceeds of which were to go toward an endowment for preventing child abuse. Compared to Rangers so called crimes and the penalty we paid surely Celtic should be looking at massive sanctions above and beyond any financial settlement they may come to with the survivors. They should not be allowed off the hook for this! They want it to disappear as quickly as possible!

  7. If we are to win the league then one thing must change and Im not confident it will. At the moment teams still believe they can beat us and raise their game in order to do so. Just look at Kilmarnock's performance against us compared to those before and since that game. On the other hand teams play Ceptic, especially at the San Giro, and are beaten before they they take the pitch(St Johnstone) or fold as soon as they score (Motherwell). Even Hibs at 2-1 still believed they could get a result against us. We need to hand out a few more 6-1 drubbings to put the fear into teams. And let's not talk the talk until we've walked the walk because it just sets us up for a big fall.

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