Nearly 80% of Rangers fans vote to ‘ditch’ trio…


Steven Gerrard recently confirmed transfer business was effectively done, and that he was happy with the squad. He admitted he was considering midfield and an extra body there, and the following day Leicester Andy King was confirmed on a year-long long.

Moral of the story – don’t believe a word of it!

Rangers are still active in the transfer market, and if good opportunities arise, we will move.

However, despite having three options for the left back slot, it’s clear none of them is up to scratch.

Ibrox Noise suggested this earlier today, and suggested Kilmarnock’s Greg Taylor as a possible solution.

The £1M-£2M rated left back has had a fine time of it at Rugby Park, excelling as a major reason for then-manager Steve Clarke’s side finishing in the top three.

31 appearances in the league with 4 assists is an outstanding return for one so young in that position, but as we see in England with Liverpool’s Trent Arnold-Alexander, if you’re good enough you’re old enough.

And Ibrox Noise readers agree.

In a poll earlier today, we asked you if you were behind the notion of moving for Taylor.

The answer was unequivocal. 79%, almost the full 80% endorsed a move for the Scotland fullback, with just 21% thinking we should look elsewhere or be content with what we have.

The Greenock-born LB even has a cap for his country, admittedly furnished him by his ex-club manager turned national boss, but in truth he’s earned it.

Sure, he won’t displace Andy Robertson any time soon, but he’s now a fully-fledged international and Ibrox Noise readers clearly think he’d be better than any of the options we currently have.

Can’t say we blame them.


  1. Keep borna, hes the only one not getting a run in the team, therefore it's hard to judge him, and unfair. He has shown up well when he does play, and after an injury plagued first season the least we can do is let him show us the kind of player he is

    • See this. Exactly that. Get behind the player…we are barely into the season and with such a squad no one is guaranteed a run.

      I have a feeling you will run this LB non story for a while. Let SG give Borna a run.

  2. I'd give Borna the jersey until January. However if we have £1m to buy Greg then I'd do it now and loan him back to Killie for 6 months.

    Hate to look backwards but can't shake the feeling that Lee Wallace in his pomp would have been ideal for us…

    • lee wallace hadnt kicked a ball for us since we went back up i loved the way he backed us through bad times but do think his time was up

  3. lee Wallace would have been but I think that the team sg has got will go an make us all proud once again have thaith in the players we can go an do this hear comes 55

  4. I don’t know how much it would take to get Greg from Killie but if it is between 1 and 2 million we should be doing the deal now, he’s worth that all day long, a decent season at Ibrox and his price tag would be double that. Left back has been our problem position for a long time but another problem position for squad depth as Stevie keeps speaking of is upfront, Yes we we have Defoe and Morelos who are on fire but an injury to one of them and where do we turn to for squad rotation, Greg Stewart! I don’t think so. Heaven forbid Morelos gets injured how many games in a row can Defoe keep producing. This position more than any has me very concerned for this huge season ahead

  5. Ive said it before and i now repeat myself again,the boy from Killie isn't near good enough to wear the blue jersey.
    He looks the part playing for a small team,but when they sign for us it's a different ball game.
    As S.G.says, you just can't turn up at Ibrox and and say it's great to be hear.
    You have to prove to him that your good enough to earn the jersey.
    My personal opinion is that the Killie left back is not near the standard required to play for our team.omo.👎🇬🇧

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