“Heck of an upgrade” – are Rangers fans wrong about star man?


With today’s renewed stories about Ryan Kent’s surprise imminent return to Ibrox, a number of Rangers’ fans reactions have been similarly surprising, and more than a touch odd.

On the news the 22-year old winger could well be coming back to Govan, many suggested he was a heck of an upgrade over Jordan Jones.

This, for us, represents the emotional and slightly unfair stance of football fans when they get a shiny new toy.

There is no denying Ryan Kent, now and then, set Ibrox alight last season. We never denied his ability, and we praised it fully – he destroyed Celtic, Rapid and Hearts single-handedly while delivering some breathtaking displays up there with the finest wing performances we can remember for decades.

However, there is no doubt consistency was a key issue, and in all his 43 appearances for Rangers, he only stood out in this manner in around 5 of them.

Far too often he was unable to exert his influence on matches, and indeed took around 5 months to actually get up to speed at Ibrox. He was a very slow burner.

Whereas Jones has been an instant hit, and has produced a number of extremely impressive displays already. He also does it for Northern Ireland, which Kent never will for England.

Kent, in 9 appearances, managed one assist and no goals in Europe. Inside four appearances, Jones has already managed an assist along with lively displays.

Has Jones completely lit up Ibrox yet – no, not quite. But he’s one fans have taken to instantly and while he possibly lacks the trickery and low centre of gravity Kent has, he adds a wonderful balance to the left instead and causes constant mayhem on that side.

If Kent does come back to Ibrox, it would enhance the squad – but we don’t want Jones to be rejected by some fans in this manner after the start he’s made to life at Ibrox.

That simply isn’t fair, or loyal.


  1. Ryan Jack is good he is talented and when in the mood is unplayable, but for me he didn't turn up often enough, a joy to behold when he is in the mood but far too often lost out after taking on one too many, i have no doubt he will get better and better as he matures but for me Jones is more reliable and able to perform,i say give Jones the chance and he will deliver and be a match winner more often than not, he has already put in more balls than Kent did the whole season, id maybe take Kent tho just for the broony showdowns. head over heart i would keep the money we would use on Kent to get a fkn good left back someone who aint afraid to mix it with opponents, yep Barasic i'm talking to you i thought you were brilliant against us so where did you disappear to? Kyle

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