Steven Gerrard now has an extraordinary ‘self-inflicted’ dilemma..


Earlier we discussed the ‘problem’ Steven Gerrard now has in selecting the best defence – who will partner Filip Helander – will it be Katic, Goldson, or Edmundson. Early results suggest fans are most keen for it in fact to be Katic, but it’s a precursor to the ‘problem’ we’re about to illustrate in this piece.

Sheyi Ojo has been stellar – some would argue our best player so far in pre-season, albeit the season is, naturally, very young. Steven Davis, Ryan Jack, Glen Kamara and Greg Docherty have all hugely impressed, but Ojo has been a real standout.

However, one man has been completely absent from pre-season until recently, and the amazing problem Gerrard has is that he normally plays in Ojo’s slot.

Scott Arfield’s triumphant return from the Gold Cup (he had an excellent tournament even though his Canadian troops suffered a shock exit to Haiti) has seen an astounding selection dilemma for Stevie to ‘suffer’ – arguably choosing between his two best players.

Ojo is a right winger, and thrives out wide while also coming in central to maraud – which is EXACTLY the same position that Arfield has been excelling in recently – he played deeper in the Gold Cup, as more of a conventional midfielder, maybe arguably even in the current ‘Steven Davis’ position, but for Rangers he’s been advance midfield as part of the front three.

Either way, it’s where Ojo plays.

But something has to give. Arfield and Ojo cannot both play in the same position, even though both have been stonkingly effective there, and it leaves their manager with a hell of a dilemma.

Of course, Ojo’s loan agreement will guarantee him games, that’s the nature of a loan deal these days. But given his form has been so excellent, it’s not exactly an issue of negative concern.

But where does it leave the outstanding Arfield?

Will Ojo and Arfield rotate for that slot? Will Arfield make way for the new boy? Will Ojo find himself benched a lot? Or will Stevie somehow manage to fit both players in?

It’s an astonishing ‘problem’ to have, and if Gerrard can find a way to accommodate both players and get the best out of them together, it’s one hell of a coup.

What would you do?

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  1. I believe we should play a 4-2-3-1. With two wide men, 'someone' and Ojo, with Arfield playing behind the striker. Kamara and Davis CM, rotating with Jack and Aribo and… Fs we've got too many players!!! 😎

  2. 2nd Eleven
    Foderingham –
    Defence -Flanagan/Polster, Goldson, Edmundson, Halliday/Flanagan
    Midfield – Candeias, Murphy Docherty, Hastie/Middleton
    Forwards – Defoe, Stewart

    Just think, that is our SECOND 11

    It is a good time to be one of God's Chosen

  3. No delemna. Simply a blessing to have as many good options throughout the team. Be a wee bit more positive guys.

    • No troll mate surely we are entitled to agree to disagree? Some excellent pints made as you rightly suggest but the headline of extraordinary 'self-inflicted' dilemma gives a good piece of writing an unnecessary negative slant, I personally think it's a fascinatingly positive scenario. I think that over a potential 70 match season if we do well in the cups, there will be squad rotation, injuries and loss of form.I think Goldstone and Helendar will be the obvious first choices at the back with Barisic as full backs. Davies or Jack. Kamara and will always be our central two, I would expect Arfield to start most games and Ojo looks like a certain started, I think Moreles will be sold, but if not he will start leaving one place up for grabs and about 5 players fighting for it,

    • You may have misunderstood the apostrophones. 'Self inflicted' is meaning we've made our team better! That Stevie has created a great problem for himself. You've seen negativity when none was there and are the only individual to have this issue! If no apostrophes we'd accept your point but the apostrophes make all the difference.

  4. This is an even bigger difficulty than choosing who will be our first pick central defenders!
    I cannot imagine Arfield not being a first pick, given that he was so good and influential last season. We really missed him any time he wasn't playing, although admittedly we do seem to have much stronger options this season. Ojo has been fantastic, lets hope he can maintain his level of performance.
    4-2-3-1 would seem the best system to accommodate the talent that we have available in midfield, and I would go along with MacIntyre1991's suggestion. That is still going to leave some very good players sitting on the bench, although that of course is good because we want top players on the bench who can be brought on when needed.
    What a wonderful problem for Stevie to have!

  5. 4,2,3,1 for me – McGregor, Tav, Helander, Katic, Barasic, Davis, Kamara, Ojo, Arfield, Jones/Kent, Morelos.

  6. Here's a First Team:

    McGregor; Tavernier; Goldson; Helander; Barisic; Jack; Kamara; Davis; Arfield; Ojo; Morelos

    And a second team:

    Foderingham; Polster; Katic; Edmundson; Flanagan; Docherty; Hastie; Aribo; Jones; Defoe; Stewart

    And a third team:

    Firth; Houston; Mayo; Wilson; Halliday; Dorrans; Candeaias; Barjonas; Murphy; Middleton; McPake

    Of course there would be no place at all for Alnwick, Holt, Dodoo, Grezda, Mebude, Lafferty, Hardie, Middleton, McCrorie, Rossiter, Kelly, Atakayi or Herrera

    What the f*** is going on???? 🙂

  7. Last season we played Candeias , Defoe and Arfield as the front three in matches when Kent was suspended and played well .Ojo for Candeias , problem solved ….Simples.

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