Only 45% of Rangers fans actually want this big summer signing…


With the Ryan Kent saga taking twists and turns worse than a plate of spaghetti, Ibrox Noise decided to put it to you, the reader, as to what outcome you preferred for the Oldham-born winger.

Currently the 22-year old flanker is back at Anfield, trying to impress manager Jurgen Klopp and persuade him he’s worth a more prominent role with the squad/team, and played the first half against Tranmere in a recent friendly for the Champions League winners.

But after being removed at half time, how do Rangers fans now feel about the ex-Freiburg man and do they actually want him back after all this pullaver?

In a recent Ibrox Noise poll, we were more than surprised that only 45% actively seek the return of the player, with a very sizable 55% majority apparently bored with the whole soap opera and feeling his time has passed and it’s better to move on.

It’s an interesting result to say the least – after Kent became a cult icon for his best displays last season (which were admittedly stellar), not only has his inconsistency (he certainly wasn’t sensational for the majority of the season) become a notable negative, but the £12M price tag also hasn’t helped while his own hooing and hahing over returning to Ibrox equally failed to assist his cause.

It just seems like the majority of the support have grown tired and want to move on.

And we don’t blame them.


  1. I generally don’t believe it’s Kent’s decision to make. Playing him in games and possibly USA trip, Klopp is clearly getting a closer look at him, that said he is nowhere near that Liverpool’s side quality, which I’m sure Klopp will find out soon enough. I am both tired of the talk and don’t want Kent back, I’ve said on here many times that he flatters to deceive, looks quick and direct on the ball but ultimately does little with it, his stats back that up. I would rather give our own players a run in the team, Jones, Murphy and even Middleton

  2. As one of the 55%, i think Kent has been fair. He can't say I want to go to Rangers. He knows we can't afford £12 million and it could end his Liverpool career. He HAS said, I want to stop going different places every year, which is a pretty serious hint. If we can do a deal with Liverpool, I think he will be up the road in a flash. Certainly quicker than McBurnie, the superfan who signed a new contract last year when he could have been at Ibrox by now if he hadn't.

  3. How many voters in the poll? Most fellow Gers fans I speak to want him to come back. Gers most exciting and dangerous player last season despite spell out injured.

  4. Kent was excellent for us in around 10% of the games he played, far too often though he did zero. Jake Hastie did far more for a far weaker team last season, and we at least own him. If Kent wants to come back though i'll happily support him again this season, but with us already having around a hundred wingers at our disposal (and given the fact we'll likely be paying a seven figure loan fee) i feel we'd be better off signing another striker instead.

  5. Kent is decent but let's get real anyone with a little bit of ability and can beat a man looks decent in the very poor SPFL . We won't pay that kind of money ..not sure anybody would especially when you look at the money the big boys are spending on kids… (Rangers has a few of them ,!!!) So not for me Ojo looks much more the real deal

  6. Kent is decent but let's get real anyone with a little bit of ability and can beat a man looks decent in the very poor SPFL . We won't pay that kind of money ..not sure anybody would especially when you look at the money the big boys are spending on kids… (Rangers has a few of them ,!!!) So not for me Ojo looks much more the real deal

  7. Of the 4 Old Firm games Kent was the stand out in 3! Fuck me to suggest Hastie is better is baffling. Sign him back 100%.

    Madness to say otherwise.

  8. There have been no twists and turns at all. The situation has been the same since day one that Klopp wants a look at him. It's misleading to say he was pulled at half time as the whole bloody team was changed.

    • Well said. There is no "saga".
      We knew the situation right from the start – Klopp wants him to have a pre-season at liverpool.
      The rest is all paper-talk and people gettin their knickers in a twist.

    • Well that's not exactly true, either of you. 'right from the start' 'day one'. Sounds like you both made that up just to contradict the facts. Kent was surplus last season. He was not wanted by Liverpool. He had failed in three loans. Klopp had no use for him. It was only January this year after the Old Firm that Klopp added him to Wilson as players he would give a look to pre-season. Right from the start is complete hokum.

      January 26 was the first time Klopp even addressed Kent publicly:

      "Ryan was sitting here in my office and asked me, ‘Let me go to Freiburg please, let me go to Freiburg please’. I know German football, I know the manager of Freiburg and I knew it is not Disneyland there! They train a lot, it is a very special club that I like a lot. He went there and it didn’t work out for him. Now he is at Glasgow Rangers and that works really well because Ryan is a fantastic football player and still very young. The world we create these boys puts pressure on them earlier and earlier and earlier and earlier. As long as we stay patient and cool and relaxed about their situation and can still wait for development, everything is fine for them. They can go somewhere, they can succeed there, they can fail there, they come back and we judge the situation new and we will stay by their side and try to make the best for them. Maybe not all of them will have a career here, now or in the future, but then they need to have the best career they can have at another club because of the education they got from Liverpool.”

    • Got to agree with Simon. There have been no twists and turns. Kent returned to his parent club Liverpool as expected and is now waiting for them to decide what they want to do with him.

    • We love revisionism when people just want to disagree. When even the facts get ignored in favour of contrary behaviour. Welcome to the internet. If Klopp’s own testimony isn’t enough, then we guess there’s nothing we can do but respect your opposition. All 3 of you.

    • "Right from the start" – meaning the start of the "saga".
      Meaning the end of last season.
      It was common knowledge that klopp wanted him to be included in liverpools pre season this year.

  9. We won`t win the league unless we can beat Celtic at least a couple of times , Kent showed that he can be a star player for us in these games .Worth getting him back for that alone, if possible .

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