Ridiculous James Tavernier stat (not goals or assists) as Newcastle circle….


With today’s claims that a glut of clubs are ready to bid for Rangers captain James Tavernier, with allegations of a value of £10M being submitted, there is no doubt such a number is approaching the right ballpark for the fullback, but isn’t quite there yet.

But it’s not just down to Tavernier’s ability or contribution stats that he is worth so much, it is also another fact which probably hasn’t been noticed by the majority of supporters.

In the just over four years since James Tavernier signed, the 27-year old has never missed a single match through injury.

That’s right – every single time Tavernier hasn’t been in the Rangers squad or has been benched (11) since putting pen to paper, it’s been down to rotation or suspension.

Not once has the former Newcastle man ever missed an entire match through any form of injury, which is an absolutely frightening stat over four years given the position he plays in.

The reality is Tavernier is clearly worth at least double the quoted number, and with Steve Bruce’s Newcastle leading the way, and having a reported £90M to spend in the window, there is zero reason to undersell this asset.

We’ll explain more about that in a later entry, but for now, it’s patently clear that a player who has effectively never been injured (198 appearances for Rangers now) is worth considerably more than £10M.


  1. Just read 10 m for tav, come on he is worth so much more,plus last season there, was prob best right back in Europe, and you can't say he was not, just look at his stats they don't lie, so from that in today's market 25 + million , he has 3yrs left, best shape and form off his life, but has a team he now can lift silver with and will and will shine even more, tav stay at home

  2. If he does go I think we'll need to replace him. Polster just doesn't appear to have the same attacking instincts. Indeed does anyone?

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