Millions or not? A whopping 86% of Rangers fans make dramatic decision…


We’ve been discussing this topic a lot lately. We’ve made some strong claims about the value of our players, that too many fans in our support have been objecting to the notion of the vast sums of money we suggested being attributed to their theoretical price tag.

And the more we’ve talked about a Scott Arfield being around £10M-£15M or a Tavernier being that region and above, the more division we’ve seen in comments.

A lot disagree, vocally, of course, but we decided to put it to the numbers test once and for all and put it to you directly.

Were Rangers and our fans guilty of undervaluing our prize assets, or should they be rated at the kinds of numbers the market appears to generally dictate for such commodities?

We were not hugely shocked by the results.

In yesterday’s poll, a landslide 86% agreed that we are way guilty of underselling the value of our prize assets, and that guys like Barisic, Tavernier, Arfield and Morelos should not be rated at modest sums but instead at the millions the market proposes. Just 14% reckoned they’re not worth the region of the numbers we’re claiming on the site.

Only this morning both Newcastle and Eintracht are in for Tavernier and Morelos respectively – and we can certainly expect significant bids if either are to be successful in buying them.

Do we actually believe our squad is worth £130M? Of course not – what we believe is the market went crazy, and if McKenna is worth around £10M and Tierney at least £25M then we’re not quite sure why our best players aren’t similar.

Answers on a postcard.


  1. Been said,, possible bid,, bids expected soon,, several clubs interested,, wont be long now a bid comes in,, any time now,, bids are imminent,, massive bid expected,, ready for Ibrox exit,, Can we stop this "potential" sale of our players and write something when the club officially says something is definitely happening in the transfer market, e.g. Candeias.
    We can surmise all we like, but until our club confirms transfer activity, then it just ain't happening otherwise!

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