Friday, 26 July 2019

Rangers' form dip - should Steven Gerrard be worried?

There is no denying us Rangers fans, in many places over this pre-season, have been getting very excited.

Some excellent performances, great results, and a real feeling of optimism.

This has, however, rather changed for some over the past week.

First, a very ordinary display against Blackburn produced the first non-win this summer, before another sub-par performance against Progres.

Just, in the past two matches, while the optimism hasn’t been doused entirely, it’s taken a bit of a hit – in blunt truth, the ‘form’ (can you call it that against friendly opponents) has been underwhelming for the last 180 minutes and Rangers’ old Achilles heel of wastefulness reared its ugly head again.

Steven Gerrard, as we suggested, wasn’t too happy with last night’s performance – but he was a lot more vocal about it than he was about the precedent v Tony Mowbray’s side.

Just, at the moment, Rangers are a bit flat.

Yes, it’s only pre-season, and it’s hard to judge good or bad in this period, but when things look as rosy as they did when we planted 6 past St Joseph’s, it’s hard not to want to believe.

But then, St Joseph’s are part timers and reading too much into that is folly.

Rangers have an important friendly this Sunday – Philip Cocu brings his Derby side to Ibrox – by a distance the best side Rangers have faced in terms of fitness and ability this pre-season. Marseille were a tonne behind in terms of fitness and preparation and that result meant next to nothing.

Blackburn and Progres, both far more advanced in their pre-seasons, gave Rangers much more of a concern, and Derby will be a better test yet.

Rangers are just simmering right now, the form having dipped a touch and while some individual performances have been stunning, the team as a whole hasn’t been.

Hopefully that gets arrested this weekend and Rangers show form again.

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