“Not an especially great one – 6”, “Stellar – 10” – Rangers ratings v Progres


Rangers partially exorcised their 2017 demon tonight with a fairly polished if imperfect display over Luxembourg’s Progres.

Ibrox Noise gives you a man-by-man rating of who shone and who didn’t.


Pulled off big saves on a night where he wouldn’t have thought he needed to. He’s an insurance policy when the men in front of him occasionally go AWOL. Fine display. 8


Lively first 30 minutes with tonnes of attacking and early crossing, but he faded noticeably as the match wore on (uncharacteristic – symptom of losing Candeias?) and his penalty miss was unfortunate but weak. Defensive not overly tested but did do well the times he was. 6


One of these days Connor Goldson will stand out – this was another one where he was only noticeable for how wide right he played, and how often he went up the pitch. A very strange performance and position for the stopper, and not an especially great one. 6


A definite contender for MOTM, this was the ex-Oldham man announcing himself. Made one or two tiny errors but overall a truly immaculate display for the 21-year old who may just have asserted himself as a first pick with this one. Beginning to suspect he and Helander, if the latter settles in, could just be the duo going forward. 9


Just keeps on delivering consistently and plays every match like he means it. His place has been under threat since promotion but guess what; he’s going nowhere. Another strong and purposeful showing. 8


Made two errors – one a lazy pass which got cut out, another bigger one which nearly cost a goal – thought his concentration would be beyond that. Otherwise a fine display at the standard we are now taking for granted from him. 8


Hungry and another one who suspects his place is at threat – he’s not the best player we have, but he plays like he believes he has value and he wants to show it. Good work going forward and was absolutely horrified at Morelos for more or less stealing his gilt-edge chance at a goal. 8


We thought he’d announced himself against Marseille, but we were dead wrong. Yes, he got a little haphazard in the second half and was silly to get the booking, but this was overall a display of real brilliance which still appears to be in first gear. This was a stroll to him, and while tougher challenges are to come, he was quite magnificent. His goal was absolutely stellar. 10


If it wasn’t for his admittedly fine strike, this would have been another rubbish display from Ojo, who’s starting to undo all the promise he showed in the early friendlies. He has gone dramatically from dangerous to damp squib, and still plays the game for himself too much. Not liking what we’re seeing from him right now. 6 (for the goal)


With his best mate gone, he still managed to show up. He wasn’t stellar, but he was a menace and worked hard for the team – some of his trademark selfishness in the box, but overall, despite no goal, he did fairly well. Pity he looked so petulant again about being subbed. 7


Regaining his split form, Arfield works like a tireless dog and has the quality to back it up. He just keeps on delivering for Rangers and he’s an immense leader. 8



Excellent from Jones in his danger levels and winning a penalty – he can be happy with what he did when he came on. 7


Another fine cameo from Defoe, might even have nicked a goal. 6


Didn’t really make much impact.


Gerrard put out a decent team if not our best possible one, and while it performed well enough for him, he won’t be able to escape the nagging feeling it played within itself tonight. There weren’t enough clear chances, and Progres’s number one had next to no saves to actually make. 2-0 wasn’t convincing enough overall and while happy to have won, Stevie will feel like there could have been more from his men. 7


  1. Define "weak" . Tavs penalty was well struck , sent the keeper the wrong way but unfortunately was inches out and hit the inside of the post and came out.Aribo had a really good first half but fell out of the game in the second as did the whole team to be fair ,no-one deserves a 10 unless you did your scoring at half time.

  2. Just a thought on Tavs rating, rather than push the loss of Candeias as an excuse, I'd say its more likely the media speculation that he is in line for a big money move away from the sunny South side of Glasgow??? 🤔 Just a thought, but let's face it, with the influx of wingers this summer….Candeias time was running thin? 🤔 I personally was a big fan of the guy, but he is on the wrong side of 30, & if you look at the way SG sets us up with Arf as an advanced free roaming MF it only leaves one guarenteed wide position to be filled with Ojo, Murph, Hastie & Jones all pushing for that slot, not to mention Middleton waiting in the wings) & Grezda (until he is officially moved on) & still awaiting confirmation of Ryan Kent…. I'm Not trying to poo poo your whole right sided mafia theory of Tav, Candeias & Freddo but the writing was on the walls months ago…..but Here, we are a goal better off at this stage against these part time clowns so hopefuly it's onwards & upwards to round 3

  3. I havent commented on here a lot but im still a regular reader. I think your commentary still needs a bit more positivity.

    Rangers partially exorcised their 2017 demon tonight with a fairly polished if imperfect display over Luxembourg’s Progres.

    You rated 3 starters at 6. Everyone above that (not inc subs here).vso…partially? Yes they did exorcise that result. Did we want more? Of course. We are still again a team in gelling but we have more than enough options to easily get us through. Why give midjtylland every secret we have? Keep them thinking.

    We are more hungry, more determined, more organised than the last fiasco when we played progres but i feel you will compare this to last time.

  4. Wasn't A Decent Performance. 👍🏻

    If it wasn't for the Progres' Goalie It could have been 6/7-0.

    …Just to be more Ruthless in Front of Goal

  5. Could have ended 6-0 last night … it could also have ended 2-2 with some poor defending, especially from poor marking at corners. Hopefully we'll not rue the penalty Miss which would have put the tie to bed.

  6. I think the ratings are a little generous.
    Aribo did well in the first half faded in the second.
    Davis had more than the two stray passes you mention.
    Edmundson definitely looks a player though.
    Ojo disappointing and Morelos was poor.

  7. I have so much mixed feelings when I left Ibrox last night. Firstly, delighted with the win and two goals without reply is a good result in Europe. Secondly, 90% of the game we were in charge and Progres will have to come out in the second leg, but I think they will get punished when they do.
    The frustrating part for me is some of our players switching off during the game. If not for McGregor, we would have undone all the good work. It's all well saying we should have won by 5-6 goals, but we didn't! How often did we say the same last season?! This has been a characteristic of our team since we came back to the SPFL, and has cost us dearly in stupid points dropped or kicked out of the cups.
    The SPFL is a completely different beast to Europe. Parked buses and counter attack with man to man close marking! That is the hurdle we need to get over, and finishing teams off. We need a top class striker, Morelos can only do so much!
    Progres were rubbish at parking the bus, most of the SPFL teams have it down to an art against us!

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