Sky: stunning Rangers shock after injury blow


Jamie Murphy hasn’t had his problems of injury to seek this past year. His season, ruined at Rugby Park, was only a month or two old, before it got rudely stolen from him, before a return to fitness arrived finally this summer.

Only, according to Sky Sports News, Jamie Murphy is injured again.

Ibrox Noise saw nothing about this elsewhere, and the winger was certainly present for training this week, but this information, breaking early yesterday, is either an astonishing gaffe on the broadcaster’s part, or a horrific blow for the flanker just when he appeared to have regained fitness.

Murphy may find his chances limited this season regardless of injury or otherwise, such has been Steven Gerrard’s recruitment drive especially on the winger front, but if Murphy is again injured it’s a pretty staggering and horrific twist to what was looking like a nice recovery story with a happy ending.

We sincerely hope Sky have this one wrong…


    • Lol. Bit out of date there Alan, Sky were bought 100% by Comcast a year ago. Nothing to do with Murdoch any longer

  1. I wouldn't pay too much attention to that as skybet reported ojo scoring the first goal and Defoe scoring the second. They did sort it

  2. I don't pay to much attention unless it comes direct from the club. Nowhere else is reliable. WATP

  3. Total subject change ….for all us fans who live away from Scotland Rangers v Derby ..£12..
    You can get it on Rams TV for £8 are we being ripped off or what ?

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