Thursday, 25 July 2019

Rangers' announcement has just cost the club £2M

Yesterday’s predictable news that Kyle Lafferty has left by mutual consent is yet another example of Rangers failing to profit on signings.

Ok, the guy isn’t the youngest, but we can guarantee he now has a lucrative move lined up, Fabio Cardoso-style, Bruno Alves-style and having now been paid off in the final year of his deal, will join up with some continental mob at a juicy signing on fee and wage.

For all the talk on this site of assets and valuable players, Lafferty joins Daniel Candeias as the latest permanent outgoing that departs at a loss for the club.

Lafferty cost Rangers around £700K last summer, and having been paid off from his deal (it had a year to run) has cost even more – with Candeias it’s a miserly reported £250K for a player who set us back £1.25M. All in all Rangers have basically just lost at least around £2M based on bad business sense.

Lafferty was a bit of a failure at Ibrox in his second spell it must be said, failing to displace Alfredo Morelos.

Some might argue that few could in this Rangers team, but Defoe certainly managed plenty of appearances since he joined in January.

No, for some reason this hyped-up Rangers signing of last summer really has crumpled horribly, and it ranks as a Gerrard failure.

All-in-all, Gerrard’s spending last year was pretty bad, and while this article probably sounds like a hate-fest, we assure you it isn’t – we’re simply calling the bad as well as the good this pre-season.

We’ve been uncharacteristically optimistic about Rangers this past month or two, buoyed by the excellent split and the performances in June and July; we’ve had a lot to be pleased with.

But the Candeias and Lafferty episodes, like Alves, Cardoso et al last summer, leave a sour taste in the mouth and we really wonder when we’ll stop losing out on players.

It’s costing us millions.

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