Transfer roundup – all the latest from Ibrox


With the rematch v Progres coming up in a few hours, Rangers’ summer business nevertheless continues on a mad week where a lot of things have happened. Ibrox Noise takes you on a rundown of all the latest we’re hearing and seeing.

Daniel Candeias:

Ok, it’s old news now, but this week started with his move to Turkey being confirmed. A £250K fee was agreed and Rangers walked away from yet another deal in the red. Not great.

Kyle Lafferty:

Also announced gone, good old mutual consent so we don’t even get a dime for this one. Steven Gerrard has made some scathing words on the NI lad which we’ll cover later, but ultimately this one really crumpled as a horrible failure.

Alfredo Morelos:

West Ham remain interested but Palace officially ended any semblance of the same by making a signing in Morelos’ position. Morelos is currently being tracked by a host of clubs, but as yet, no one is making a serious move on him.

Eros Grezda:

Gerrard confirmed this abomination of a player is seeking another club, and a few continental mobs are in for him – he was a tragedy of a signing, up there with Umar Sadiq. Good riddance to him, quite frankly.

James Tavernier:

He’s a goner by looks of it, but on Rangers’ terms and for serious cash. More on this later.

Andy Dallas:

Turned out for Cambridge and did very well indeed – speculation is rife he’s going out on loan, not that it really changes much at Ibrox if he does. Another one who needs minutes.

Glenn Middleton:

We didn’t even cover the Hull story following the Doncaster collapse because Middleton really is struggling to find somewhere to go. No one seems to want this lad, even on loan, although frantic work is being done to find him something for next season. We hope a good solution can be sought.

Jason Holt:

Yup, still a Rangers player, and still hasn’t found a club – it looked a cert he’d go to QPR but it all went painfully quiet – now nothing seems on for him.


The only story rumbling on remains Ryan Kent, who’s impressing gaffer Jurgen Klopp following yet another fine display pre-season, this time v Sporting. After the German boss praised his pre-season, it’s actually to look like the kid may be in with an outside chance of permanent promotion to Liverpool’s squad, but we’ll see.

We’re hoping for some news soon on a serious play for a striker, but nothing has surfaced yet. That does seem to be the final piece of the jigsaw.


  1. "He’s a goner by looks of it"? First I've heard of Tavernier being sold or even any bids? There was the speculation last week with Newcastle (never going to deal with the Fat Man) but that's it.

    Be interesting to read what you know about this, be gutted to lose him but if getting £10m+ then can't knock that back.

  2. Candeias –
    Should not have gone for Less than £500k

    Lafferty –
    Didn't work out This Time
    …Back to Hearts? St Johnstone? Etc

    Morelos –
    £12million Minimum

    Grezda –
    Please Someone Take Him

    Tav –
    £10-12 Million

    Dallas/Middleton –
    Lower SPL/Lg1 ?

    Holt –
    Would be a Good Wee Player for a team like Livy/County/St Johnstone

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