Rangers’ announcement has just cost the club £2M


Yesterday’s predictable news that Kyle Lafferty has left by mutual consent is yet another example of Rangers failing to profit on signings.

Ok, the guy isn’t the youngest, but we can guarantee he now has a lucrative move lined up, Fabio Cardoso-style, Bruno Alves-style and having now been paid off in the final year of his deal, will join up with some continental mob at a juicy signing on fee and wage.

For all the talk on this site of assets and valuable players, Lafferty joins Daniel Candeias as the latest permanent outgoing that departs at a loss for the club.

Lafferty cost Rangers around £700K last summer, and having been paid off from his deal (it had a year to run) has cost even more – with Candeias it’s a miserly reported £250K for a player who set us back £1.25M. All in all Rangers have basically just lost at least around £2M based on bad business sense.

Lafferty was a bit of a failure at Ibrox in his second spell it must be said, failing to displace Alfredo Morelos.

Some might argue that few could in this Rangers team, but Defoe certainly managed plenty of appearances since he joined in January.

No, for some reason this hyped-up Rangers signing of last summer really has crumpled horribly, and it ranks as a Gerrard failure.

All-in-all, Gerrard’s spending last year was pretty bad, and while this article probably sounds like a hate-fest, we assure you it isn’t – we’re simply calling the bad as well as the good this pre-season.

We’ve been uncharacteristically optimistic about Rangers this past month or two, buoyed by the excellent split and the performances in June and July; we’ve had a lot to be pleased with.

But the Candeias and Lafferty episodes, like Alves, Cardoso et al last summer, leave a sour taste in the mouth and we really wonder when we’ll stop losing out on players.

It’s costing us millions.


  1. He's been a lucky boy financially. Playing well at the start of the season with a Hearts team that were playing well, scored a cracker against Celtic. Then got his move and did hee-haw. Found himself in a bloated squad and got a big pay off. Will now get a big signing on fee somewhere else. Maybe Kyle's moon-howling bampot thing is just a clever disguise lol

  2. My understanding is that Lafferty didn't get paid off, his contract was torn up. But even so to give away a current international for nothing is absolutely shocking. Is it any wonder that Fat Bastard runs rings round us in court. A complete bunch of amateurs.
    Can we now look forward to Morelos and Tavernier being sold for undisclosed fees? And we all know what that means.

  3. Candeais was signed for 700k, but I get the point, we are poor at seeing returns when it should be negotiated better – weak from Stewart Robertson.

    Cardoso left for Santa Clara with talk of a move to Benfica! Would it not be better loaning these players to try and sell? Or are their wages that high that it is better just to release by mutual consent because no one wants to pick up the wages? I think the latter. Lafferty must be 10k a week easy as well as Candeais 10-15k.

    Candeais was worth the 700k, he served well, 250k is a tad low I'd have wanted slightly more but his heart wasn't in it and his wages are freed up now.
    I reckon Lafferty took a small pay off and will have a Club by the weekend.

    2 previous Summers saw some horrendous signings to which we have cost ourselves e.g Herrera, Cardoso, Pena, Alves, Lafferty, Grezda, Dorrans. I've been happy though with January drive and Summer 2019.

    And from the other 2 Summers we have Morelos, Jack, Arfield, McGregor, Goldson, Katic and Barisic who came from that so some very decent assets. But I dont trust the man negotiating to get their value as he has failed to do so with previous signings.

    • Very unfair to include Dorrans as a horrendous signing. It's not his fault he was injured. In 16 league matches before injury he had 5 goals and 3 assists to his name. That's the sort of decent form that would have us rushing to sign someone like Kent for millions.

    • If Lafferty has took a "pay off" I'm raging. He was never worth any of the millions we managed to fork out on him.

  4. The mistake was signing Lafferty at all and it was part of some desperation last season to put a squad together from the wreckage left by Pedro and Murty .I don`t think we paid £ 700, 000 for him that was what they wanted but they settled for less , but I take your point about him being a waste of money.The way I read it was that we cancelled his contract with his agreement so we did not pay him off. His pay off will be negotiating a deal somewhere without there being a transfer fee .Wages saves I suppose .

    • Agreed. He was signed in desperation at the closing of the window. Having said that I still don't think he got a decent run of games. I'm confident had he played every week he would've scored around 20 goals for us. Maybe not enough but decent none the less.

  5. Candeias –
    We should have got at least 500k for

    Lafferty – Lost Cause

    And it pains me to say this but we need to do what Celtic have done over the last couple of years with Wanyama/Van Dijk/Dembele etc

    ….Buy Young, Buy Cheap, Scour Abroad for "Unknown" Players, get them Playing for a Season or Two and Sell them On.

    We need to start making Money!

    • We have started. Morelos, Tavernier, Kamara, Aribo, Katic, Edmundson, and potentially a few from the Development squad.

  6. I get the feeling that Stevie's hand was forced a little bit by fan pressure . I still cant believe that they were calling for him back. I still don't think he was good enough the first time should never have worn the Jersey.

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