Mystery over returning Rangers man…

Mystery over returning Rangers man…

We’ve touched on his return recently, and with yesterday’s developments we seriously wonder now about Jamie Murphy’s Rangers future.

Murphy, of course, ran out with the reserves against Stirling Albion, alongside fellow forgotten men Graham Dorrans and Joe Dodoo. Many could make a fair argument, especially in Murphy’s case, that it was for minutes following his extensive absence through injury, and that would be a reasonably just cause of conversation.

Unfortunately, with Rangers having a formal friendly today, it’s one which may lack a bit of gravity – if Murphy has a Rangers future, why send him out for a reserves match on Saturday when a proper piece of serious competition is available on the Sunday?

There are theories Stevie will select an XI close to the side to take the field in Gibraltar on Tuesday – a dress rehearsal per se for the first competitive action of the season in the Europa League, and that too is a fair summary.

But if it is the case, does Murphy’s participation in a reserves’ match rather than today’s suggest he won’t be part of Tuesday’s either?

Murphy has fought hard to regain fitness, but Gerrard’s acquisition of three wingers this summer with a number (including Murphy) already on the books is not a promising sign for the former Brighton man.

Of course, it could turn out Murphy is involved today after all, and is simply trying to put his body through some intense prep by playing/being involved two days in a row (not completely unheard of, true, but rare), but we’d be surprised if the 29-year old is even on the bench today.

But with Jordan Jones, Jake Hastie, Glenn Middleton, and the continuing pursuit of Ryan Kent not to mention Sheyi Ojo, the competition in that position is very, very strong. And we haven’t even mentioned Eros Grezda or Daniel Candeias.

Ultimately though, if today’s friendly is just about minutes for the squad, why did Murphy play yesterday and not today, if he has a future?

Either way, it doesn’t potentially bode that well unless he is involved in this afternoon’s match day squad.

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  1. Murphy will not play on Tuesday. First competitive match back, on an artificial pitch, after losing a season to an artificial pitch injury? Don't think so.
    So he is not a priority. Now, if he doesn't play in the return at Ibrox, you may have a point.
    But let's wait 10 days before making a judgement call on that.

    • Artificial turf is irrelevant if a high quality one like at Hamilton where Rossiter returned after a year out. And he's gone. So… while your point seems fair on some levels, deeper investigation suggests it might not be entirely accurate.

    • I agree there are different levels of quality in pitches. But psychologically the threat remains.
      I stand by my forecast. I will of course be happy to admit to being wrong if I am.

    • Obviously not involved today and I don't think he will be involved on Tuesday. Don't think that says anything about his involvement after Tuesday at the moment. I hope he gets his chance.

  2. He is still rehabbing from his injury so letting him have his first game back in a low key reserve friendly is no real surprise .He is not in contention for the first European games but that doesn`t mean his future is in doubt.You mention Middleton and Grezda they are not included in the squad for any of the two games so they must be behind him .Don`t write the guy off yet he will need time to get back to his best .

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