Friday, 19 July 2019

Ignore the Celtic men, We Are the People...

Sure, we admit sometimes on Ibrox Noise we go slightly nuts. Yes, you heard that here first – we get overly optimistic or overly pessimistic because guess what – we’re Rangers fans. First and foremost we love OUR club and we will make no apology for being supporters and critics of the team we love.

However, at least we can indeed lay claim to any criticism or praise of Borna Barisic, for instance, as being by Rangers fans – our player, our opinions, our information.

Not another site hawking in Jackie McNamara AGAIN to get his ‘exclusive’ opinion on Rangers players.

Count us utterly fed up with this nonsense now – since when did a Celtic pundit’s opinion about a Rangers player matter?

Sure, you might not always get super balanced commentary on Ibrox Noise – we are fans and emotions will frequently dictate our thoughts and what we deliver you. Most of you identify with that ideology and you forgive our more ‘eccentric’ moments because you understand football fans aren’t always rational.

But you will always get RANGERS fans’ commentary here.

Almost every other day we’re now seeing what Celtic punters think of Rangers, and how important it is – apparently Barisic is living on ‘borrowed time’ or something?

So, just when he actually starts to look the part at Ibrox, this means, in McNamara’s view, the end is nigh?

Ever get the feeling Celtic men are scared, and there’s nothing better for traffic and attention on gutter journalism than getting a washed-up and irrelevant former Celtic player (or Aberdeen one, hi Noel) to smear Rangers players.

That’s now Morelos and Barisic attacked and castigated by non-Rangers pundits, Aberdeen and Celtic ex-players, purely for attention and to get traffic in the past two days.

Don’t get us wrong – we know a lot of these sites rely on traffic for revenue, and we do indeed apologise on the site that some of our ads (which support us and keep us delivering content) do get in the way, but better that than us bringing in Dariusz Dziekanowski and asking him what he thinks.

We’ve spoken to Richard Gough before, to ask him what he thinks. Ally McCoist’s opinions are useful too. We even once had a world exclusive with Fran Sandaza on what REALLY happened with him all those years ago. But a former Celtic man’s? An ex-Aberdeen punter’s?

It’s all getting a little unacceptable and the best we can really do is to advise you is wherever these people attack us, avoid.

We Are The People and They Are Running Scared.

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