Rangers £130M asset management….


If there’s one thing we’re saturated by on Ibrox Noise, it’s the obsessed coming in telling us how terrible our team is and how we’re no match for them. Oh, and we’re dead. All that piffle.

Funny thing is over the past three weeks, the amount of nonsense from those of a green and white persuasion has notably reduced, and we couldn’t imagine why (!)

Is it the ‘goals for’ column which has looked slightly absurd in its proliferation of stats? Or is it the fact the goals against one still remains completely empty?

Or could it be the focal point of today’s piece of exquisite Ibrox Noise optimism, and the increasing ‘asset management’ issue Rangers now have?

If we go back 12 months, the only ‘asset’ Rangers really had was Alfredo Morelos and, at a pinch, James Tavernier. We didn’t have many players worth much at all.

July 2019 that has changed to unrecognisable levels.

Rangers are now packed with experienced internationals, with winners, and with players of rising international stock and coveted names.

Let’s go through one-by-one at the players who are starting to look like Rangers’ crown jewels of genuine financial value:

James Tavernier:

The reality is this guy, signed for £250K in 2015, was without any doubt Mark Warburton’s finest hour. He has grown into a genuine £15M+ player. Ok, he has no Champions League or international experience to his credit, but he’s delivered frightening stats both domestically and in Europe, and even the majority of green and white fans have put him at RB in an ‘ultimate OF XI’. He’s worth a lot of cash now.


Borna Barisic:

Yes, this one is more theoretical right now because Barisic has only delivered on the international stage for sure, and while his Rangers career is certainly improving he has a bit to go before he proves the Croatia Barisic is in the light blue for certain. BUT. If the Croatia man does consistently deliver for his club then we’re talking top dollar value for a genuinely world class player. It’s not absurd to suggest a value above £20M for a Croat international if a Scotland one with barely-working limbs is worth more than £25M.

Glen Kamara:

Yes, he needs to weed those lazy errors out of his game, but he’s otherwise the complete midfielder and the £65K for him is looking absurd. A Fin international with 13+ caps and experience of the highest order at only 23, Kamara’s value is almost stratospheric with colossal potential. He learned his trade at one of England’s finest academies in Arsenal, and could only last a short spell at Dundee before a big club came for him. There is little doubt Glen Kamara, if he continues to develop like this, could be worth mammoth money in the future. We’re talking that same £20M value for sure. Maybe more.

Joe Aribo:

Just 22, nearly 23, Aribo was spun to us as a £10M player for barely £250K. After his first couple of outings in our shirt we weren’t convinced. After the last two, £10M would be a bargain for someone. An Aribo in first gear, half asleep, completely destroyed two sides in a row over the course of barely 30 minutes. Imagine what this kid can do in fifth gear in the serious business. The mind boggles and we can barely even guesstimate on this one, but definitely the £20M region again.


Scott Arfield:

A coveted player down south with at least four or five excellent years left in him, he’s been an inspirational signing and while his age counts a little against him, his experience is vital and Southampton at least have been credited with interest. He had a stunning split, a stunning season overall (a genuine disgrace he was overlooked for POTY nominations) and he produced again in America for the Gold Cup. His assist last night as a rusty sub for Defoe’s hat trick just summed him up. If anyone wanted him they’d have to dig deep for his services. £10M-£15M.

Jordan Jones:

An NI international hitting his peak and assisting for fun? His stats at Killie were excellent and his performances for the Ulster Boys proved he could do it on a higher stage than the SPL. He’s got to prove it of course over the course of the season but early signs are good for the winger. More dangerous than Ryan Kent who’s supposed to be worth £12M, Jones has potential to reach £15M and beyond.

Alfredo Morelos:

Yes, this is a tricky one. His value goes up and down with his attitude, displays, and the wind really. At peak this Colombian international with a tonne of UEL experience at only 23 could be worth well over £20M, bordering into £30M. But when he goes testy or quiet or gets himself sent off he’s down to £5M tops. He requires a club to take a bit of a risk on him, but then what signing isn’t?

So, potential numbers:

Tav: £15M
Barisic: £20M
Kamara: £20M
Aribo: £20M
Arfield: £15M
Jones: £15M
Morelos: £25M

A grand theoretical total of £130M.

Of course, that’s crazy numbers – we’re not going to sell this lot for that money and suddenly have £130M. Nothing like it. It’s just an illustration, individually, that Rangers now have valuable assets and there’s no point pretending that we could only get £1.5M for a James Tavernier or similar. If Rangers are to sell any prize players, we’ll expect big money for them. That’s the way the market is now.

Now, an interesting recent comparison example is that of England’s Kieran Trippier. Astonishingly he only left Spurs to Atletico for a strangely modest £20M. An England international with bags of UCL experience. But why? Because his domestic campaign last term post-world cup was littered with errors and poor form, not to mention injury. His value would have been a comfortable £40M+ aside that, and he only managed 27 PL appearances, with a meagre 3 assists. This is why Borna Barisic’s value wasn’t great after last season – he’d been poor for Rangers, even if he’d been excellent for Croatia. And that hurt him. Now, theoretically, he could be in the same ballpark as Trippier. Although it doesn’t quite account for why Celtic’s Tierney, himself off the back of an injury-disrupted last campaign, is worth around £10M more than an England international, but hey, we don’t pretend we know all the rules here (!)

Have we missed any? And do you agree/disagree with any?


  1. How you can value jones at 15 million is anybodys guess. Rangers refused to pay 600k for him and rightly so he is not worth the 1 million plus killie valued him at. To say he could be worth 15 is a bit of a joke, I would be happy if he was worth 3 or 4.

    • Because he was end of contract Jonny. No one pays big money for a player with 6 months left on their deal. As for £15M – Kent at £12M without even having a youth cap for England while Jones bangs in the assists for his nation in serious competition? Surely that's justification alone.

  2. I personally think the reason why the beggars are so quiet is the fact they have signed popcorn teeth as a manager and know their title run could come to an abrupt end!
    As for the valuations of our players, I really do feel we need to play in the champions league and do well before we can put those kind of price tags on them. It's all down to exposure and marketing and we have it in abundance. Kent is proof of that!

  3. Come on guys, £15M for a player yet to scratch his erse at rangers? £20m for Barasic who couldn't hold down a starting spot even when fit? And all other valuations are ludacris. I believe Dembele was the record transfer out of scotland and we're sitting on 4 of them all cheap buys?? I can assure you if they were worth that some premier league side would have taken them and offered 3x the wages before we had a chance. Its boring in pre season but jesus lol. Celtic walked 8 titles while we languished in the doldrums that would value their players at £35M plus. Lets have adult discussions lol

    • So that means our players are all of the same value? I dont follow? even the staunchest fan has to admit Dembele was a really good player. Best in the league at the time. We cant just assume potential has the same value as a guy who found it easy in the league. I think Morelos is the only guy we have who can command these price tags purely because his talent and goals ratio speak for themselves. The players in this list above haven't proved a thing.

  4. Oh stop it.

    You do know the Tim bloggers come onto this site for click bait. You lot have probably paid for James Forrests week in Clacton ya dafties.

    • Celtic bloggers and fans spend more time on Rangers sites than they do breathing. This is no shock and we won’t be censored on that basis.

  5. Rangers should not sell any players till next season bed them in let them play together then reep the reward

  6. The reason Trippier went for only £21M was that he is 29 years old so will have little resale value at the end of his contract. Tierney is only 22 and could be worth more in 5 years than now. . Thats why he's theoretically worth more even if he's not as good a player

  7. The value is what the market will pay and nobodies offering these amounts for our players.

    Just like last season, let's calm things down a bit and do our talking on the pitch. Consistency of form is our biggest challenge. Especially no silly points getting dropped against the smallest teams.
    8 new players, none of whom have played at home with 47000 fans on their back yet.

    Let's keep aiming for more league points than the last season and getting our Euro coefficient as high as possible. The honours will and gloating can follow.

  8. Tav: £15M
    Barisic: £20M
    Kamara: £20M
    Aribo: £20M
    Arfield: £15M
    Jones: £15M
    Morelos: £25M

    And no we Realistic Figures…

    Tav – £12-15million
    Barisic – £9-12million
    Kamara & Aribo – £7-10million
    Arfield – £9-12million
    Jones – £5-8million
    Morelos – £15-17.5million

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