“He’s not worth that” – the multimillion Rangers dilemma….


So our last piece on player value certainly attracted the predictable mockery. First from the crazed obsessed who always mock anything Rangers (usually a sign of being threatened, in truth), but also from the handwringers in our own support who love to play down everything about our club and suggest we’re small time.

Now, some of you, on the fence here, are wondering if we suggested the prize assets could be worth up to £130M in total doesn’t that indicate delusion par excellence on our part?

But then we present the case of Mr Scott McKenna esquire. Mr McKenna, an above average defender if even that, and who has 12 caps for his country, has been the target of PL sides for some time, and Aberdeen have gone as far as to reject an £8M bid for him from Aston Villa. REJECT. As far as the Dons are concerned, he’s either worth more, or unsellable. Or both.

That a small-time club like Aberdeen with their financial gulf to Rangers never mind Celtic can reject a bid like that, while our ‘fans’ mock the idea that our similar age and cap players would be worth double that makes us sad.

Ok, here’s another one:

John McGinn, Hibs’ prize asset, moved south for around £3M – the only shock about this deal was that he went for ‘as little’ as £3M – many saw him as a player well above £5M into the £10M zone.

But when we suggest Rangers players are anywhere between £10M-£20M in market value, it’s pure derision. And more often than not, from our own fans.

Borna Barisic cannot be worth £20M as a Croatia international but no one bats an eye at McKenna being worth around half that as a Scotland cap?

Anyone else see the flaw in this?

There’s such an inferiority complex from so many supporters of a Rangers persuasion – fans who may well be younger and are dominated by the 2012- era – back in the day Rangers were regularly selling our best assets for £7M, £8M, £9M – and those were WELL before the days of the crazy fees we see now.

Now many of our fans appear see us as small time. They can’t comprehend a valuable Croatian, Canadian or Colombian international actually being worth the kind of money the market dictates – seemingly because he’s OUR player.

If he’s a Celtic player no one bats an eyelid, and £25M for Tierney isn’t even a shock, ditto £20M for Dembele, or McKenna at the Sheep or McGinn at Easter Road.

But as soon as he’s ours, it’s nonsense. Just nonsense.

We can tolerate and don’t care if SPL fans try to deride what our players are worth.

But when our own fans do it too, we have a problem with that. If Stewart Robertson and Steven Gerrard expect serious cash in the region of £20M for a player like Alfredo Morelos, why won’t our fans?

You tell us.

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  1. If we sell Morelos for £20m+ as much as I like Kent I would only go for Kent permanently for a fee of around £4m-£6m but I'd rather spend the money wise. That money could get potentially 3-4 quality players which would be a wise decision

  2. Morelos for 20 million is fair enough we couldn't replace 30 goals for much less than that. However some of your valuations were way off the mark take the left winger jones you put a 15 million price tag on him before he has even won a regular place in our team. This is a player that we didnt value a penny over 600k a year ago and his stats at killie havent seen his value skyrocket since. Is he better than kent no so how do you justify 15 million.

    • Need to agree with you. Jones looks like he could be good for us, bit it's still an unknown for us. Kent was one of our best players last season and Liverpool value him at £12m , no way is Jones a £15m player, not worth a 5th of that as it stands just now. That's not being negative, just realistic

    • Because he's a regular for NI and is delivering on the international stage. Kent hasn't even been a proper youth international for England.

  3. Who in their right mind would let players go for less than what the market is dictating!? Selling for market value is a no brainer 😂😂😂 and if you can get more then why wouldn't ye. There's bargains to be had. Tripper to atleti is bargain of the summer. He played a world cup last year looked tired to me. Would've been back up to standard this year without doubt with a proper break. Spurs made a mistake with that one imo. 50million for walker ( who wouldn't last the craic at ibrox imo, he's too stupid) to 20 for trips, 1 of the best in world football at RB on form. Massive mistake! Easy 40 million pound player.

  4. PS if the tims can down 25+ for Tierney who imo won't last a top club in England what is tav worth? Far more "rounded" player than Tierney lol he's not as good as wan bissaka mind 😂😂

  5. A player is worth what someone is willing to pay for him. Simple as that.
    If a club pays 20m for Morelos – then in their eyes, he's worth it.

  6. Borna Barisic is not very good, as NI pointed out a number of times last season. He couldn't hold a starting 11 place down as his own. Now how can you possibly say he's worth £20m?

    • Because he's now a regular for arguably one of the top three international sides and has scored for them?

  7. The manager has already said we under value are best players windass for example.if the sheep can reject 8mil for a player I think wouldn't get a game for us he's no better than goldson is he worth more than 8mil?we need to start remembering who we are the famous you have to pay you want Alfie you better have 15mil plus and soon or no chance that's how it should be

  8. Waghorn is the best example of why we undervalue our players. Looked out of his depth in the SPL. We sold for buttons, 12 months later he's worth £8m , either Mick McCarthy is a coach with the midas touch (he isn't) or we made a mistake in selling so cheap. In hindsight Waghorn isn't a bad player, he just wasn't suited to playing against teams that park the bus, in open games he does well. Horses for course as they say, and our valuations should reflect the top end of the championship at least

  9. Borna Barisic is not very good!!! Are you having a laugh? He is an excellent player and will prove his worth this season and will no doubt in years to come bring in a massive transfer fee when he heads south.

  10. Tav –

    Barisic –

    Arfield –


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