Fury over Rangers deal continues – they’re not happy…


We know we’ve been a grumpy lot lately, moaning about player losses and the recent form, but spare a thought for Charlton fans who we’ve frankly done like a kipper with the daylight robbery of Joe Aribo.

It is becoming apparent to Rangers supporters just what a talent we have on our books now in the 22-year old, with almost unlimited potential which has simply got better every match regardless of opponent – but in order to sign this lad, Rangers took advantage of cross-border rules to get him at a borderline halfpenny compared with his evident market value.

And our source tells us Valley fans are spitting with rage over it:

“The boy is class and every Charlton fan is another 1% more p*ssed off and hate-filled towards (owner) Roland Duchatelet tonight. I think Joe is going to be our next Defoe…a Charlton boy who we let get away due to hideous ownership…

Guarantee Rangers will sell him for £Millions. This time last year Bowyer offered Joe a bumper contract which he/his agent were just about to sign, when our owner stepped in. Roland said the contract was too much for a player of Joe’s age and refused to sanction the deal and ripped it up. This is despite Bowyer telling Roland Joe was worth every penny and the club will lose him for pocket money (which has now happened) at the end of the (last) season.”

Nice little mention of fellow Ranger Jermain Defoe, who clearly had a thoroughly decorated career and is still doing it at Ibrox.

Our source continued:

“If he had signed that new contract I have every belief Joe would have stayed with us for this season, unless a PL side offered proper money (£5-10M) for him.

Because his contract ran out Charlton would have got around £2M for him as a Development fee from an English club, which again is absolute pocket money to them, however, Joe quite understandably went to Rangers for £20k per week wages and an absolutely disgraceful sum of £250-300k. This was all the ‘fault’ of Roland.

Aribo has just as much talent as Ademola Lookman who went to Leipzig recently for £16.5M rising to £22.5M from Everton. Charlton will receive sell-on fee of £1.3M straight away and a further £1M over the coming seasons, however, £0.00 of this will come to the club. It will go straight to Roland’s pockets. He will not allow the money to be used to support Bowyer or to pay back some of the £70Million of debt he has smacked onto CAFC’s books in the past 5 years. Every penny is owed to one of his Belgian companies.

He is killing our club. I have every confidence Rangers will be selling Joe for £20M very soon!”

It is clear Rangers, Steven Gerrard and our scouting department have pulled off what could become one of the best signings in Rangers’ recent history, and pulled off a total coup persuading Aribo to sacrifice the Premier League in favour of Rangers.

We may have been a little critical of late of some things with Rangers, but only praise is forthcoming to the bosses for creating this masterstroke and sniping in ahead of everyone to pick up what appears to be a clear contender for League One’s best player last season. It is obvious Aribo would have been absolutely fine in the Championship and higher, but instead he’s playing on the colossal stage of Ibrox and in Europe.

So, while we have griped about the losses with Lafferty and Candeias and recent form, it’s nice that for once it’s Rangers who have come out on total top when it comes to Aribo.

What a talent.


  1. Find it quite amusing that the shoe is on the other foot here. For years English clubs would steal top talent from Scotland for absolutely nothing and we had to shut up and deal with it. Now that it's happening to them, they're in an uproar about how unfair it is! Hypocrisy of the highest order. They need to move on, like clubs in Scotland had to.

  2. The boy does have everything, can pass win the ball back, shoot, and has the height and build to go with it all 22 years of age and the 250k price tag is the icing on the cake….

  3. We did indeed play a blinder with Aribo but that doesn't excuse the shambles of giving Candeias, Lafferty (and Hardie) away.

  4. To be honest. Who cares? Aribo himself doesnt seem to bothered with certain comments so why should we. The opinions of that fan base are probably justified and true but we were the buying club so its between the fans and their board.

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