Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Steven Gerrard linked with Rangers exit - media at it again....

So the wires today are going ballistic over Steven Gerrard’s apparent rejection of Derby to remain at Ibrox. Some Rangers fans are even praising him over the news.


With all due respect to Derby, they’re Derby. It’s not a club of massive gravity compared with the Famous Glasgow Rangers who are one of the biggest clubs on the planet.

Steven Gerrard took on about as big a job as he could for his first gig in management – while Frank Lampard, maybe wisely, took on something more sedate.

Now, Derby fans – we’re not attacking your club, indeed, we like you guys and we have a good relationship with you. The friendly next month will be a great occasion especially if Lampard does make it.

But to suggest a manager of Rangers would give up Ibrox and a work in progress to go down a massive club level (albeit up in league) when he’s trying to beat Celtic and win the title is really quite difficult to believe.

Yes, Liverpool or a top PL side would be hard for Stevie to say no to, as it’s proving hard for Frank himself to.

But Derby, or, indeed, any bottom PL side or Championship side is quite different and a big step down for a Rangers manager.

It says everything for how badly Brendan wanted away from Celtic that he was willing to accept a poor Leicester side instead. Gerrard, however, is building something at Ibrox.

It’s a new season, a new pre-season, and new players are arriving – what good would joining Derby do Steven Gerrard?

Or could it possibly the media stirring things up again and trying to disrupt Rangers’ pre-season? Perish the thought…

We’re not strictly praising our manager over this, mind you, but we do appreciate his understanding of what he has – in fairness, he’s ‘got it’ for quite some time.

And that’s good for us.

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