“Shift in loyalty” – something changed at Ibrox, and we don’t like it…

“Shift in loyalty” – something changed at Ibrox, and we don’t like it…

With pre-season in full swing, we must admit we’re a little surprised at the powers-that-be at Ibrox this summer.

In seasons gone by departing players were usually given a send-off, a thank you and good luck – for some reason, unknown to us here at Ibrox Noise, this close season has seen zero well-wishes or announcements of departure, and a borderline whitewash of every senior player who’s left.

From June 1st (and even earlier) Gareth McAuley, Joe Worrall, Lassana Coulibaly, Lee Wallace, Lee Hodson, Ryan Kent, Liam Burt and Myles Beerman all departed, and only the latter two got any mention at all as ‘freed youngsters’.

While Kent’s future remains unclear, the likes of McAuley and Hodson, and, of course, Wallace, all got completely overlooked as they left Govan with absolutely no mention at all on official channels.

Frankly it’s not good enough.

Sure, we didn’t get much out of some of these guys over the season, but to show that little dignity and class just shouldn’t be the Rangers way, and we always like to see our club giving a gesture of grace to those who pulled the shirt on at Ibrox and who now, for whatever reason, move onto pastures new.

Since when did Rangers stop giving a t*ss about players who leave?

We do feel there’s been a shift in ‘loyalty’ ever since the Lee Wallace incident – where the board now give no backing to players at all – if we sign them, we sign them, if they leave, f*** them.

When was the last time we saw any player praised by someone other than football management? It doesn’t seem to happen very much anymore.

Perhaps it’s new policy – that the suits now completely avoid the football side of the club. And perhaps given how out of touch they generally usually are maybe that’s not a bad idea.

But equally failing to give anyone a send off any more seems a bit poor, and we’d like those who gave what they could in our shirt to at least be noted on official channels as having done so and moving on.

It’s the Rangers Way.

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  1. Aside from Wallace , Burt and Beerman and of course, Kent, not n of the he rest were worth a toss in my view.

    Whatever happened with Waldo, Lordy knows.

    Kent and most of the rest were Loaned out and Ryan alone was successful

    No, no big fanfare needed. Mucho cash hath been forthcoming I'm sure.

    On the other hand, Peeps like Rossitter, Dorrans and Grezda have taken the piss for sick pay.

    Then Rossitter couldn't get enough in England. Dodgy at best

  2. Brin , except for Grezda your comments are ridiculous and insulting. Rossiter and Dorrans would give anything to have been able to play regularly for the famous. Grezda is another matter as he seems content to take the wages and drink himself silly.

  3. More important things to be worrying about than players leaving the club, yes Lee Wallace should have been shown more respect, but as for the rest, they contributed very little to the Club in the grand scheme of things, priority is getting a good pre season under our belts, get players in, weed out the dead wood & hit the ground running & attempt to stop the Filth doing 9 on the trot

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