Why Rangers must look elsewhere after latest transfer shocker


When Ryan Kent’s stock started to increase significantly last season, Steven Gerrard was repeatedly asked about his intentions for the on-loan Liverpool winger. He was pretty explicit. He loved Ryan, Rangers loved Ryan, the fans loved him, and he wanted him to stay/return.

Gerrard specified that Rangers knew this, Liverpool knew this, and crucially, Ryan himself knew this.

The wide man, for his own part, was never explicit for his own part – only expressed an open mind to staying but never suggesting it was a priority.

And in recent days his comments of it being a ‘possibility’ are no different to his previous policy of keeping his options open.

Now with his (former) manager saying Ryan has to ‘want it’, for the first time it’s evident that Ryan Kent doesn’t want to be at Ibrox any more.

The reality is since Leeds United and Aston Villa pulled out of the running to sign him, Kent has started playing the waiting game in the hope that someone else comes in for him – either to sign him permanently or for a misguided belief that Jurgen Klopp will make him part of Anfield first-team affairs this season.

That’s not going to happen because he just isn’t good enough.

And so Kent is left waiting – and while we at Ibrox Noise will never hold against a player his desire to be where he wants to be and do what’s best for his career, the reality that he clearly sees Rangers as a sloppy seconds at best pours cold water over our desire to have him back.

We only want players who truly want to be here – and if Kent did, talks would have started and he’d pretty much be on the first plane back already.

The harsh blunt truth is Gerrard put out there the elephant in the room – that Kent isn’t really interested in coming back to Rangers on loan.

In a sense, we maybe don’t even blame him – what would Kent personally gain from another season on loan at the same club? He might consider it a waste of a year unless it’s a permanent deal, and of course Rangers can’t afford the asking price or even close to it.

In truth, Kent isn’t worth it. 6 goals and 9 assists in the SPL isn’t £12M material. But then him on the East End only played half the season last campaign and they appear to want £25M so who knows what players are even worth any more.

But we’d say with Gerrard and Kent’s comments together it is now pretty unlikely Kent is coming back – and even if he ‘changes his mind’ it’s ‘settling’ and we don’t want a player like Ovie Ejaria who had to settle for Rangers and clearly wasn’t happy about it.

Thanks for the memories, Ryan.


  1. Think you guys are looking too much into it. I read somewhere that Liverpool are not back to pre-season until 1st week in July, so I dare say Klopp wants to have a look at him before making any decisions on his future. As you say he's not good enough for the first team at Liverpool so either they will sell to an English side or loan to us. IMO he'll be back. WATP.

  2. I Think you guys have it Bang On……….. No Big Offers for him as he is simply not worth it………. Another Excellent year at Rangers would do him the world of Good, and if he doesnt show desire for that then, No worries…..

  3. If Liverpool are not back training yet then it's understandable there's no decision been made on Kent. If Stevie G is still interested he's obviously spoken to the player we just have to be patient on this one. It's also understandable the player wanting a permanent deal.

  4. i dont no why we dont just buy him not as if we spent much and king needs to sell up if going keep on like this

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