Ibrox shock; Rangers’ four best players all linked with megabucks departures


Following today’s curious breaking news that January signing Glen Kamara is now a target for Premier League side Brighton, Rangers find themselves with yet another key asset linked with a move away.

Obviously the Fin only cost £100,000 in January, and Rangers’ profit on such a player to a PL side would be something approaching mammoth, but he joins the likes of James Tavernier, Scott Arfield and Alfredo Morelos to be implicated in big-money transfers away from Rangers down south to the Promised Land of the EPL.

Is Kamara one to keep – for the right price, he’s probably a sale. He’s not got to the stage yet where he’s indispensable, and Rangers have a wealth of depth in his position, but he is a Gerrard favourite and the manager would be loathe to lose one of his prized stars even at a huge profit.

Rangers would surely look for well above £5M from such a side for an international player who’s only 23, indeed probably more like double that given his current stock, and he joins captain Tavernier (also being targeted by Graham Potter’s men as it happens), midfielder Scott Arfield and striker Morelos (subject to a tonne of interest, particularly reportedly Newcastle’s) as major first-team stars who are now being snooped by rich PL sides.

If anything it’s flattering that so many of our best players are being sought out by the top flight in England, given previously only League One mobs seemed interested previously, but Rangers won’t want to sell the family silver even for the lavish sums of cash it could generate.

We’ll see how all these stories develop this summer.


  1. Tavernier must stay, there is no way we could ever replace his contribution to our attack. I honestly wouldn't accept anywhere below £15m if we really have to sell him. Defensively, he's probably not worth that kind of money, but there's no doubt in my mind hes worth more than that in an attacking sense. If we want to be winning titles we must be keeping players like him.

    Arfield has to stay too, the difference in the teams attack when he plays is massive. At 30 years old and playing in the SPL i can't see the offers for him being overly huge. Maybe £4-£5m. I doubt we could replace that calibre of player for that price.

    Not sure on what to do about Kamara tbh, he's only been here for 6 months but already looks a steal and a possible future star. But after only paying 50k for him i think we would sell him if an offer upwards of £5m came in.

    Morelos is the real conundrum. A 30 goal a season striker (none of them penalties) is always gonna be difficult to replace but his ill discipline has let the team down on many occasions. Also, imagine the wee man had taken and scored all the penalties that Tavs has scored this season. Not sure how many it is but i think in the region of 12? Morelos could be sitting on 40+ goals and the fact that he missed 11 games through suspension aswell. Could he have been reaching 50 goals? How much would he be worth then? There's no doubt he's a class act when on his game and losing him could be a huge blow but does the team play better without him? I guess time will tell.

  2. Every player has a price, and Rangers will sell as long as the manager agrees,personally i would sell Tavernier ,yes he scores and attacks but he is a defender and has never really impressed in that defending role

  3. Everyone of those players mentioned can get goals,it would have to be funny money to let them go.

  4. For the right money I would sell Kamala at 5 million and buy Motherwells other young midfielder for 3 million making a nice profit

  5. We need to hold on to our best players. Hard as that may be. Or we'll have a mish-mash of players that changes, every year?? Sell our best and try and make do with 'budget' stock, recipe for disaster. We develop them, just to get them hoovered up, by the English leagues.

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