Celtic’s shock twist – and Steven Gerrard could make it even worse…


An astonishing twist surfaced this evening with the David Turnbull to Celtic saga, after initially appearing the deal had been done, it has emerged the £3M agreement to take the 19-year old midfielder from Fir Park to Parkhead has fallen through and club officials put out an embarrassing announcement intended to save face over the fact he said no.

More crucially, this opens the door wide for Steven Gerrard to take Turnbull to Ibrox instead, if he is interested, and given how well the playmaker performed last season, we would suspect such a signature would be a wise addition indeed.

And get a hell of a Novo over on Celtic, or a Mojo.

Whichever is your preference.

Despite submitting him a ‘magnificent offer’ (guffaw) Celtic were forced to confirm the lad has effectively rejected them and isn’t interested in the move to Parkhead.

Just because Motherwell accepted the fee and the player did the courtesy of speaking to the folks in Glasgow’s east end didn’t guarantee the deal would be done.

And now Rangers have a real chance to get a huge one over on Celtic by getting a player Ibrox Noise has rated highly for months and who could be one of the rising stars of Scottish football if he plays the next few weeks right.

Sure, the £3M is a lot of money, and it’s not like we’re threadbare in midfield, but Steven Davis isn’t getting any younger and we certainly don’t have never-ending depth in that department.

But what a story it would be to take Turnbull now.

What a story indeed…


    LETS GO💪

  2. Would take him happily, but £3 million is a lot of money for a player with 1 season behind him who plays in midfield where we have too many players, Docherty coming back, free alternatives and plenty of options.
    We also have no idea what Celtic's offer was, whether we could or would match it and what he is looking for.
    This one may run and run………

  3. According to the record they offered him over £10k a week, more than what van dyke was on when he first signed.
    Don't think we should go near him. He had a good breakthrough season but I wouldn't give him £10k a week. If you give him that mccrorie and everyone else will want the sane

  4. Possibilities …

    £2.5m & Laff

    £2.75m & Hastie Back on Loan

    £2.85m & Holt/Dodoo

    ….or anything Similar

  5. Would rather spend the money on an accomplished ready made player to challenge for the league. If we are accepting Celtic to win 10 and more leagues in a row, so that we can develop all those young players, then fire in. But if we wish to prevent such a disaster happening, then we need to be players that will be consistent all through next season. 3 Million?, spend wisely elsewhere and deliver that title!!!

  6. £3M is a steal. I doubt you could get better quality and potential for anywhere hear the price. Loyal Livi

  7. Lol nae cash to pay Ashley the money he has just been awarded in court regarding the retail deal and your club is going to pay Motherwell 3 million quid ah wee coco at his best again what a funny wee guy .

    • FINALLY you drop the pathetic act. You’ve slipped up so many times timmy, and we’ve been laughing at you on here for months. Your diligence to this would be admirable if it wasn’t evidence of a diseased obsessed mind. Back to Parkhead, boy, and stay there.

    • Wonder why you bothered continuing when we had all worked you out. Mind you, I suppose even Septic fans must want away from that diseased pit of scabrous filth.

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