An Ibrox Noise announcement


It’s with a heavy heart we write this piece. Rangers hero, former captain, title-winning Fernando Ricksen is dying, afflicted by the cruellest of diseases.

We’ve followed his tragic story for years now, as all fans have, and it’s with bravery and honour that the man, told he’d only have barely a year to live, fought on and kept going for several of them.

But time for him is now running out.

We tried to help – we tried to get this Australian treatment breakthrough forwarded to the 42-year old, but we never did discover properly if he and his team were made aware of it, and the chances are they weren’t.

And so it is that his time on this earth is slowing to a halt, as he is cared for at a palliative hospice and the Dutchman will do his damndest to go out with a bang on the 28th of June at the GoGlasgow Urban Hotel for An Evening With Fernando Ricksen which will be, he says, his final ever public appearance.

We urge every Rangers fan, who can, to attend this, and give him the send off he deserves.

His clocking is ticking more aggressively than most, and he has earned the right to go out the way he lived – lively, on his terms and with a twinkle in his eye.

No Surrender Fernando.


  1. hi so sorry to see him on the news such a great player for the mighty rangers so sad lets hope all the fans an team mates am their for him lets lift a Glasgow half for the man no surrender

  2. Many people have said it, but its crap like this that is important. A TRUE BLUE RANGER FOREVER.

  3. Only one Fernando Ricksen…
    Absolute Warrior!

    Will always be remembered by The Rangers Family

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