An injury and six clubs – why this signing should never have happened…


And in the latest part of our dossier on the disaster signing that was Eros Grezda (yes, God help us there’s still more), is the observation about his general career up till now.

Now, bear in mind he’s only just turned 24. So, still a young man, and hardly someone who should be galivanting around a dozen clubs.

Only, that’s exactly what he’s done. Sort of.

Eros Grezda, in only six years as a professional, has already had six clubs, including a year-long spell as a free agent. So, in five playing seasons, he’s had six clubs already.

Is there any wonder this guy hasn’t worked out at Ibrox?

If we are to take his nomadic journey at face value, it appears he travels around Eastern Europe (Slovenia and Croatia being the main two with a touch of Austria thrown in there too), looking for the next club to waste time at, while his agent Cakarun gets a nice signing on fee, before they then find another club for him.

And the cycle starts over.

Now, we know plenty of players move around a LOT – Rob Kiernan got a bit of a bad rep himself for the number of clubs he was loaned to.

And we might even be willing to admit Grezda hasn’t been a total career waster given he’s managed 166 appearances in those six years, which, in truth, is sort of ok. And he’s played for his country a few times.

But in no season has he breached 30 league appearances and we really have to look at this signing with sceptical and dubious eyes.

An inexperienced Rangers management team appear to have at best been duped into taking on this player, and such inexperience, while understandable, has cost us at least £2M. Plus the fact he was already injured should have been the most staggering red flag possible.

Mercifully they have had a year to gain that experience and we hope no mistakes like this one happen again.


  1. Change the record for godsake, you are beginning to sound like a Scottish tabloid, going on and on about the same thing .We get it , you think he was a bad signing and we agree but to start going on about the number of loan clubs he has had is ridiculous .Check out Tavs and Candeias` number of loan clubs before joining us and it has had no bearing on how they play for us.

  2. Completely agree, as soon as I saw this guy play I noticed his body language and mechanics were all wrong. Seems clumsy with a heavy touch and I would like to know who saw him play, if anyone at all.

  3. I agree, some players take longer to settle. Beside he was very good against Scotland, so the ability is there.

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