Legend departs amidst continuing controversy…


Without any form of social media presence in his name, it was left to Lee Wallace’s wife Stephanie to announce the former Rangers captain’s departure from Ibrox, and to thank supporters for their loyalty and messages of backing since his signing in 2011.

Indeed, while gushing about her husband’s time at Ibrox, Steph at no point praised the club and those in charge, nor should she.

Her statement was clear – Wallace loves the Rangers, loves the fans, loves the institution that is Rangers, but the way he has been treated since that Old Firm of last spring year counts as an appalling blot on the club’s copybook, and while manager Steven Gerrard at least gave him a fitting send off, the boss’s similar casting out of the left back is a stain on his own.

We will never truly known what genuinely happened in that dressing room with Murty, Wallace and Miller, but for the club’s board to 100% back a Celtic-supporting manager over two of our own men says a lot.

But regardless of what did happen, they both essentially got expelled while Murty got his old job back. And few fans have supported how the club handled this.

Meanwhile Wallace departs in his usual dignity – a classy message from him to his people, to those who supported and backed him the past year amidst testing times, thanking them and praising everything about them and Rangers, but managing to be justifiably critical of how he was axed and treated.

Speculation is rife that Wallace’s next move is Dundee United, assuming they get promoted and overcome St Mirren (very possible), and while most Rangers fans have no love for the Arabs, we certainly won’t begrudge Wallace going wherever he needs to go to get his career back on track.

Lee Wallace, you’re one of the People.


  1. It's a disgrace the way our club have treated him and Miller and wish them both well in their new clubs for next season

  2. I was unaware that Murty was/is a Celtic fan. Is there any evidence for that? Mind you, I believe Kenny Dalglish was a Rangers fan and Neil McCann was a Celtic fan, so not sure how much it matters

    • “It is a great honour for me for Celtic to come and play in this match.

      “With my dad being a life-long fan, the club has always featured very strongly in our family.

      “It’s a dream to get them down here and I’m sure the fans will love seeing one of the biggest clubs in Britain here.”

      -Graeme Murty, 2008, on a testimonial for Reading.

    • Murty is a Celtic rat, and would not trust him as far as I can throw him at Rangers.
      Lee Wallace will always be up there with the legends in this club. He stuck by us in our darkest hour!
      The Ibrox board should be ashamed of themselves, utter disgraceful way to treat a legend. Good luck Wallace, I wish you all the best in the rest of your career and in life. Always one of our own! Something Murty will never be!!

    • Fair enough. That is conclusive proof that Celtic is important to his family and his dad was a life long fan. Nobody would deny they, like Rangers, are one of the biggest clubs in Britain.
      It is not, however, conclusive proof that Murty is a Celtic fan, just that his Dad was. It was the perfect opportunity to say "Like my dad, I have always been a Celtic fan" but he declined.
      Not saying you are wrong, but for me that does not provide conclusive evidence.
      Having said that, so what? As you say, few people know what actually happene and they are not talking. The board made a decision which I do not agree with, but I suspect they had access to more of the facts than I do. I don't think the board are secret Celtic fans, or trying to sabotage Rangers. I don't think Murty is either. He has done a good job with the unders and stepped up when asked. I wish none of it had happened, or that it had been resolved differently. But it has and it wasn't.
      We move on

    • Yes, but you provided evidence that his dad was a Celtic fan, not that Murty was/is.
      As I said, I don't think it matters. Neil McCann was always happy to score against them, I don't think Kenny Dalglish ever cried after scoring against us. Murty has done a good job for us. I prefer Rangers fans as players and coaches, IF THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH. But I will take anyone who can move us forward and Murty has done that with the unders.

  3. Utter disgrace the way this has been handled. The players were in the right, this was confirmed by the tribunal. Who ever made the call to suspend and fine both players clearly didn't like being told they were wrong. All about ego, in any other workplace in the country the employer would be done for constructive dismissal. No way to treat anyone nevermind a loyal player who showed nothing but class towards the club

  4. I was willing to stand by Murty after taking over the temporary managers role but we all make mistakes. Now i wonder why this prick is still at Ibrox. Could Miller and Wallace be under a gagging order? but even so the truth will come out. Good luck Lee, not very vocal on the field but sing like a Linty when you can.

  5. Good luck Lee Wallace. I'm not sure that he should have legend status at our great club but he will be remembered as one who stayed for the fight.

    • I agree. I think all those who stayed and fought should be remembered. Save tickets for them when we win 55, have them parade for the fans. We will never forget them, or those who bring 55.

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