Saturday, 13 April 2019

Where are you, James Tavernier?

Admittedly a slightly provocative headline, but it’s been a problem this season – as we discussed in our recent Tavernier series, the club captain certainly has his strengths, but unfortunately for him they’re beset by his weaknesses and failings too.

And one of the most unacceptable is his repeated inability to ever face the music after a bad result.

Whenever Rangers have bad results, Tavernier never delivers an apology or contrition, and as club captain that’s unacceptable.

We all remember the disaster at Livi earlier this season where Captain Cowardice was nowhere to be seen, and it was left instead to Jordan Rossiter to face the press.

More recently the Killie draw saw Nikola Katic do the honours.

This is not to say Tav should always be the one facing the questions after a bad result, but the fact he never is is not the conduct of a Rangers captain capable of both leading and copping the flack when things get tough.

It would be a heinous error for this player to continue wearing the armband, purely for obvious reasons.

But his conspicuous absences when there’s pressure and bad vibes do not represent the duties of a captain especially well.

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