Where are you, James Tavernier?


Admittedly a slightly provocative headline, but it’s been a problem this season – as we discussed in our recent Tavernier series, the club captain certainly has his strengths, but unfortunately for him they’re beset by his weaknesses and failings too.

And one of the most unacceptable is his repeated inability to ever face the music after a bad result.

Whenever Rangers have bad results, Tavernier never delivers an apology or contrition, and as club captain that’s unacceptable.

We all remember the disaster at Livi earlier this season where Captain Cowardice was nowhere to be seen, and it was left instead to Jordan Rossiter to face the press.

More recently the Killie draw saw Nikola Katic do the honours.

This is not to say Tav should always be the one facing the questions after a bad result, but the fact he never is is not the conduct of a Rangers captain capable of both leading and copping the flack when things get tough.

It would be a heinous error for this player to continue wearing the armband, purely for obvious reasons.

But his conspicuous absences when there’s pressure and bad vibes do not represent the duties of a captain especially well.


  1. Absolute joke as a captain of Glasgow Rangers FC, which is so evident when compared to his predecessors who have worn the armband. Also one of the worst full backs ever to grace the blue jersey. Survives because is good going forward, but a defender's primary purpose is to defend.

    • So you know why he doesn't do them then? Or are you just stringing assumptions together and belittling one of our own players based on no facts? Take some pride in your work, at least.

  2. tav is an embarrassment as a captain ..he should never have replaced a legend like Lee Wallace as the leader of the team …tav has been atrocious in defence since 2015 he's only good on right wing ..take the cash from England in the summer and get a proper defender in …when we got promoted thats when we should have sold him …thank him for his contribution and move him on …

  3. JT, is not captain material as we know. He is not vocal and caught out of position many times etc etc but why the witch hunt against him. For reasons we dont know yet, Lee will be leaving soon but we shouldnt be using Tav as a scapegoat. I assume Lee Wallace is the hidden subject of this piece?

  4. Tavernier has been one of our top players this season with his goals and assists. .. We're becoming moaning bastards for nothing. Leave Tav alone

  5. Too many fans are happy to overlook Tavs embarassing defending because he can get forward! Firstly his going forward too much is part of his problem! secondly we should have a winger so our fullback only needs to get up and support at the right time NOT everytime at the expense of his defending. Thirdly how many of Tavs goals have came from pens? – It's very simple. Tav stays in rightback he will keep costing us in big games and keep costing us when we need him most.

    To get the best out of Tav he needs to be stripped of the armband and moved up to the wing. As long as he stays captain and as long as he stays in fullback we will fail where we really shouldn't be.

    How some fans can say he is one of our best players when it's crystal clear and has been since he played that opposite teams will continue to hurt us down that side due to Tavs inability to defend, to stay in position and to stay switched on. We can't have it both ways…

    James Tavernier should not now and should never have been in our defence. Sacrificing one area of our team for another is ridiculous with the money, squad and players we have and it's idiotic from some fans to be happy to accept it..wake up!

  6. I agree with this. A captain should be the first to face the music along with the manager when results and especially performances are bad. Don't always agree with you IN but with this I do. The fact rossiter and katic have faced the press when rossiter has hardly featured before his loan and katic has barely featured since worrall broke into the team is a farce. Think he merits his place in the team but definitely not the armband

  7. We need to get real here . Tav has served Rangers well since he was recruited by Warburton . He has scored good goals and provided good crosses and assists. He is not the best defender but as a wing back has more than delivered. I would take whatever fee we can get for him and thank him for his service. IN please continue to generate discussion but we need to stop picking faults to do that please .

  8. Time you Sell Him South to…
    West Brom, Brighton etc

    £4m + …..Bye Bye James 👋🏻
    £1.5m for Flanagan
    Release Hodson

    2x New RBs Please 🙏🏻

  9. This is a harsh article.
    1. Who would you rather see as captain – not McGregor, as much as he is vocal in organising his defence, I wouldnt say he leads by example, not Goldson, none of the midfielders. Unfortunately we dont have a Gough, Butcher, Ferguson, Weir etc.
    2. We dont see the level of respect he has in the dressing room, which apparently he does have.
    Therefore for me he is the best man for the job in the current resources, so to slate him is very unfair.

  10. 1. Arfield isn't captain material either, there arent many fans who would take Arfield over Tav.
    2. Gerrard has stated this at start of season, unless you think he was lying its not conjecture.

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