This call would be a huge mistake for Stevie G to make


Greg Docherty is a player many fans have forgotten, to an extent. Despite the stupendous season he’s had in League One with strugglers Shrewsbury, out of sight and out of mind has led to his being a tad disregarded by some of the support, who have focused instead on the players we currently have at Ibrox.

A case some have made for the prosecution, though, is the fact he’s at Shrewsbury. That Steven Gerrard, a superb judge of midfielder, saw fit to put out 21-year old Greg Docherty on loan at such a poor team (with all due respect) in a lower division while instead signing 21-year old Ovie Ejaria and 21-year old Lassana Coulibaly instead.

None of this bode well for Docherty – but if any fans doubt his quality because he’s ‘only doing it’ at Shrewsbury, they might well remember the best goalkeeper Scotland have had since Goram was also dumped out on loan at lowly Dunfermline. Sure, a Premier League team at the time, but the very act of loaning Allan McGregor out surely implied he wasn’t good enough for Rangers. Or ready. At the surprisingly mature age of 24. Not exactly an infant.

Time has proven that to be wildly wrong, and while his loan out wasn’t the making of him, his promotion under a reluctant Paul Le Guen and subsequent stellar displays certainly were.

Greg Docherty’s performances for Rangers were great – he excelled alongside Sean Goss, struggled beside Graham Dorrans (obviously), and is now delivering down south. At the very young age of 22.

If there is any doubt Docherty deserves a chance, it’s not from us. 20 goals and assists in 45 appearances says everything about what he can deliver. And it’s not just his being a Rangers fan – although that helps, but the evident fact he has the potential to be the best Rangers midfielder since Barry Ferguson.

Steven Gerrard would be making a huge error rejecting this potentially stupendous player again.


  1. I think that Greg Docherty is exactly the type of player that we should have. He is strong, skilful and courageous in the tackle. He also has age on his side. I really do hope that he is given a chance to prove himself.

  2. It seems like he has also moved up the pitch this season, adding goals and assists to his repertoire. His ability to play CM and CAM, both areas we are not overcrowded in unlike CDM, should get him a chance to show his worth next season

  3. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get a chance over the summer, but I’d also be surprised if he’s improved to the extent you’re suggesting. Certainly whilst at Ibrox, he was ok but nothing more. Moving away will have helped him to mature and this will hopefully have helped his game.

  4. I agree we should bring Greg back and give him a chance and I base this on his performances for us last season not anything he has done in the lower leagues this season .I also think you should give a wee bit of credit to Coulibaly and Ejaria both were key men in our European run and in that respect S.G was right to bring them in .That run earned their shot and although it hasn`t worked out longer term I don`t think there is anything that has happened in midfield that Docherty would have changed .I look forward to seeing him kick on next season.

  5. 100% Docherty fan he's excatly what we need young strong goals and one of us . I like him a lot and think he could be a Rangers Great given the chance .

  6. Going on the basis of league 1 being similar in standard to the majority of the SPL, then his stats are up there with Arfields, involved in 20 goals in his first season down in England

  7. Will be Delighted to See Doche back at Ibrox For the New Season!

    Always liked him as a player

    Hope he gets Games Next Season

    We should try Him in the No.10 role as that was the position he was playing for Shrewsbury earlier in the season and he was the best player in League1

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