Should Steven Gerrard hijack rival move for PL striker?

Should Steven Gerrard hijack rival move for PL striker?

An Ibrox Noise commenter made a post recently which restored an old debate we’ve been having on the site for some years, and which will become more prominent this summer when Alfredo Morelos is sold.

While Rangers boss Steven Gerrard appears to have secured three attacking threats in Jordan Jones, Greg Stewart and Jake Hastie, the one position which will become threadbare with the Colombian’s exit is striker.

And after last summer’s bum note that Kyle Lafferty ended up being, a certain Steven Naismith may well be a much more useful acquisition to bring back to Ibrox and provide some badly-needed quality to the front lines.

The former Scotland striker has baggage attached, we know that, but in a season in which he’s had two extremely bad injuries he still sits comfortably with 18 goals and assists in 27 appearances. Outside the Old Firm, he’s as good as they get.

Still only 32, Naismith has unfinished business at Rangers – his staggering 2011 season was curtailed with a dreadful injury, and we’ve got over the 2012 nonsense.

The reality is Rangers need class, experience, SPL nous and the Rangers Way up front – someone who’s been there and done it – and Naismith has proven himself far too good for Hearts.

He is currently in negotiations with Craig Levein to become a player/coach, but if Steven Gerrard was to come in and offer the ex-Everton man a striker’s berth at Ibrox, there is no doubt what he’d choose.

The reality is Jermain Defoe and Kyle Lafferty just isn’t enough. Naismith would help to give us more options, and would provide the kind of quality we need up there.

It would be a dramatic summer move, but we could (and are, it seems) do worse.

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    • Yes, agreed. I've never had anything against Naisy (couldn't honestly see why some would "forgive" that useless f**k Lafferty last year but hung onto their anger over Naisy) but he isn't the future of our club and we have enough "experienced" players already.

  1. Take your choice. No because of the past, or no because of the future.
    If you don't wish to consider the past, what exactly is our club? No point in aiming for 55 if you don't care about the 54 which preceded it. Not counting the 9 in the war.
    But a 32 yr old with persistent injury problems would not be a good call for the future even if he didn't have a past with us. He does.

  2. Naismith would be an excellent addition to our squad both on and off the field . He's still a top player in a poor league which inst going to get much better next year . The Rotten Mob don't have the money they have had in previous season when we got bladed and disgracefully shafted!!!. Yes for me bring him back he knows what it's all about

  3. I usually agree with what Ibroxnoise prints,but in this instance,no chance he can fuck off,and also he's not good enough now,just like Laff🤔

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