Summer signing makes big call on future at Ibrox – and he nails it


It was with interest Ibrox Noise noted Allan McGregor’s retirement from international duty. It was with a tinge of sadness that we realised the best goalkeeper in Scotland and one of the best in the UK would never feature at a major championship or indeed turn out for his nation again.

Sure, regular readers know we aren’t exactly friends of SFA FC these days, after the toxicity of recent years – ever since 2008 Rangers’ relationship with the national team has plummeted and our players get booed in the dark purple.

But McGregor was an exception – he didn’t get booed and he was the best goalkeeper for the NT since Goram.

His statement was intriguing:

“It’s a sad day for me to bring an end to my international career, but unfortunately I feel it is a decision I have to make. I am playing over 50 games each season, but I know my body and at this stage of my career I need to use the international breaks to rest up to help ensure that I play at the top level for as long as possible.”

Quite honestly mate we don’t believe a word of this. McGregor is 37 which in goalkeeper years is still far from the end – Gianluigi Buffon is 87 and was still playing regularly for club and country at McGregor’s age – he didn’t fully retire from Italy till he was 40. And many other great goalies have gone well beyond McGregor’s years for club and country.

No, there are clearly two reasons for McGregor to call it a day with Scotland.

Firstly, the ban over the Lewis Ferguson incident clearly affected him – it has been denied in the press as being a reason, but McGregor felt absolutely cheated on that one. While we personally on this site do think it was a red, the fact that so many other incidents got ignored but that one was lambasted was clearly utterly inconsistent. And McGregor felt robbed.

Secondly is what we alluded to at the start of this piece – that the toxicity between Rangers and Scotland continues to this day, and certainly hasn’t improved any. That McGregor, having been away from it in England for years, now comes back home and the spotlight on it is even worse than it was. And this is a guy who stuck by his country even when it suspended he and Ferguson in 2008.

No, it looks to us like he’s just had enough of the whole circus and wants to concentrate instead on Rangers alone. He is a Ranger like us and while it should be an honour to play for Scotland, we’re not sure that really applies any more.

It’s good to have him all at Ibrox.


  1. If that was the case he should have given that as his reasons. As ive said previously, every rangers player should tell the SFA & tartan army where to shove their team!

  2. Excellent news. McGregor is a winner. Celtic SFA have just lost any chance to progress as McGregor is worth points alone in most of the games he plays. I for one will not be watching Scotland until all the corruption is weeded out of the Celtic SFA. I would urge all Rangers supporters to boycott all Scotland games. Why should we fund them!!

    • Cutting nose off to spite face. It does nothing to help Scottish football. If you feel that way about Scottish football , the I assume you're no bothered were out the " Scottish cup" ?

    • I'd be delighted if we didn't have to play in the Scottish League and Cup. I wouldn't open my curtains to watch Scotland if they were playing in my front garden.

    • Well fuck off to England and support queen's park rangers! We are a Scottish club, who play in Scotland. If we did not, then we would be an entirely different club, not the famous Glasgow rangers. Why don't we just become red bull franchise club?

  3. I wouldn't cross the street to watch the Republic of Scotland,even with a free ticket.
    Hopefully they and their "Celtic Cronies" get well and truly humped.

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