“Where is he” – fans can’t believe official decision…


After our earlier piece questioning the inclusion of James Tavernier in the POTY noms, we equally have to wonder about the man whose place he clearly took.

Why on earth was Scott Arfield overlooked for this completely?

It’s no secret that Arfield’s performances in midfield have been at the heart of all that has been good about Rangers this season – his marshalling and leadership have helped get the best out of, in particular, Ryan Jack and Ross McCrorie, and he’s scored a few goals too.

In short, for a free transfer, he’s been a real success – a Canada international who has really produced for Rangers.

Sure, he’s not been flashy, or played ‘sexy football’ – but his work in the middle, and his constant linkup with the flanks and the men behind him, not to mention those in front have been one of the most important factors for Rangers’ progress this season.

And yet, it was James Tavernier who got that slot instead.

We’ll have a piece on all five nominations later, plus the notable exclusions, but we really are at a loss as to why our arguable pick for the overall winner never mind mere nomination was absolutely blanked for this prestigious accolade.

And more than a bit disappointed at best. We know he’s probably not everyone’s choice, but he absolutely earned a nomination.



  1. Best piece of business we have done for a long time with Scotty, Tav should never have been included and should be embarrassed

  2. Arfield did get sent off stupidly at Tynecastle. He also missed quite a few games through injuries. I would be interested in teams stats with him playing and with him not playing. Tav has faults sure. But he has played in every game and been brilliant in many. We need to be rock solid at centre back. We haven’t been. Left back is a different guy each game. Hey guy arrives in January for midfield. Suddenly we look good. He makes bad mistake last night and it costs us. We are building for future. Second in league will be OK and a good summer window is what is required. SG inherited a poor squad and a club with large debts. It’s being turned round. I can’t think of one manager who is available and would have done better. Ashley is still screwing us and SFA have been inept.Lets get behind team.

  3. The release of Lewis Ferguson and demise of Lee Wallace still rankles with me. Off topic, yes, but still a part of poor decisions effective to the club in general.

  4. I would take the Captaincy from Tav immediately, he is never a leader that Rangers need. I can't even pick who to give the Captaincy as none of them offers the kind of leader we need (Greig, Butcher, Gough, Amoruso, oh how I miss them), bar McGregor but not a fan of a keeper being captain. However Arfield is probably who I would give it to at the moment.
    Yes, Tav has been good at times, but a lot of the times he has been so woeful and responsible for a lot of goals against us since he came to Rangers.
    I agree, Arfield should be in front of Tav in the POTY list. But again, McGregor should be the winner by a country mile and beyond!

  5. Arfield has been good, at times. Can't say he was good last night, though.
    He is an attacking midfielder, whose job is to link midfield and attack, get goals and put people through on goal. So, why does he have fewer assists than Tavernier? And why do you need to add Candeias's goals and Kent's goals to his to reach what Windass delivered last season?

    I like Arfield and what he brings to the team. But if we want to win the league, we are going to need more from Arfield or another Number 10 to do it. Also, we will miss Tavernier's assists when he has gone. I have said before he is more suited to a 3-5-2 system where he would do less defending.

    As Alan Calder says, we are a work in progress, let's suck it up and move on. If we don't improve again next season, then fair enough let's complain.

  6. Trouble is, Coco, while I agree with your shortlist, each player named has shortcomings which appear with regularity, if 3 out the 4 have the dip in the same match it spreads like wildfire and we are a really poor team, defeat to Aberdeen, a good example, if you get my thoughts great, no worries if not, as I said, your picks are good. J

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