Stunning fan numbers show unreal division over key club decision

Stunning fan numbers show unreal division over key club decision

As fans know, James Tavernier was ‘controversially’ included in the POTY vote recently, at the possible expense of Scott Arfield.

Despite his excellent stats for the season, Tavernier has not won fans over universally so Ibrox Noise ran a poll to see how many respondents felt his nomination was justified.

Of 1400 votes cast, the numbers were split right down the middle and couldn’t be separated – 50% in favour of the nomination, 50% against.

Nothing else shows how our captain divides our support more than this.


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  1. Great going forward but unfortunately he is a defender who doesn't know how to defend, never win a league until we sort this shambolic defence out. Hopefully next season WATP

  2. He isn't a leader, He can't defend corners & set pieces & just dosent want to defend, he wants to play on front foot & be in the opposition half for 90mins, that just dosent work in Scotland! go back & look at a lot of goals we have conceded this season, he is always half way up the pitch when he should be chasing back to try & regain possession! Half the time it's Candeias who tracks back to cover Tav… in Tavs defence, he can do it when he wants too & has shown glimpses when he can be bothered!

  3. Made for a 3-5-2 formation. Great attack weapon, not as good in defence although better than many if his detractors claim.
    As to captain, there were no alternatives. Can't give it to someone new. I suspect we will have a different captain next season.

  4. He plays as his manager instructs him to – like any good pro would. If he didn’t, he would be gone.

    • Agree. Captain or not he plays under instructions. It's up to other players, again under instruction, to fill in for him when he goes forward. Playing him one step forward as a right mid or wide of a 5 would probably be the solution. He does have good attacking instincts.

  5. It's worth noting that the vote was 50-50 on Tav being nominated for the POTY. It doesn't necessarily say anything about his overall popularity or his contribution to the team. I suspect that would produce a different result.

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