Rangers fans have picked their POTY – do you agree?


Rangers’ POTY award is well and truly underway. Whatever you think of who was and wasn’t included, the numbers are rolling in now and the POTY will be crowned fairly soon.

But we were interested to know the numbers for the nominations among our readers, so Ibrox Noise ran an unofficial poll to see who the good regulars of the site picked as their POTY.


In third place with a fairly distant 13% of the vote, your bronze medal winner is Ryan Jack.

In second place, with an honourable 21% of the vote, your silver medal goes to Alfredo Morelos.

But the runaway winner with over half the vote and hands-down the leading contender with 51% of the polled numbers – Allan McGregor.

Any of these three would be predictable winners, but due to Morelos’ discipline and attitude problems, plus the fact after two years he still won’t learn English and wants to leave, he’s probably not the model example POTY for us personally.

Really it should be McGregor.


  1. Totally agree with McGregor wining, he has been the most consistent performer all season, and kept us in so many games, god knows where our league position would be without him, but most off he’s the only true leader in that whole team who shows any kind of passion, the anger he has shown Tav and Worral in recent games for mistakes is exactly what we need and exactly what every fan was wanting to do

  2. Ye it's our goalie all day long not one player coming close to. Even though Tav is our captain and scored a lot of goals all being pens and Alfie as well with his goals but the goalie gets it for me.

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