Saturday, 30 March 2019

Steven Gerrard has denied a major developing story at Ibrox

Steven Gerrard has dramatically poured cold water over recent stories that Ryan Kent’s value has officially been confirmed at around £10M and suggests Rangers will do everything in our power to keep the winger.

As readers will know, we on the site weren’t too thrilled by the numbers being quoted by Liverpool officials as their asking price for the former Freiburg man, and while we’d never question Kent’s talent, we would his consistency and value for that money.

But Gerrard insists the reports are false and Kent remains a player Rangers seek to keep.

He said:

“I’ve read the rumours and speculation. I’m not sure who has put that price on Ryan. Whether it’s his agent or Liverpool, I haven’t heard anything on that. Liverpool know we want him here, the player knows we want him here, his representation know we want him here. But in terms of the decision it’s not down to me. I wish it was but unfortunately it’s not.”

There are a lot of interesting nuggets in here. First off a flat denial at the horse’s mouth that Kent has had any sort of number put on his head – although, in fairness, what else would Gerrard actually say in any case?

But secondly, Stevie confirms equally that the ‘decision’ to keep Ryan Kent is in fact not down to him or Rangers at all, which is a very interesting way of putting it. Surely Rangers have a say if they have the cash to buy the player, and given the player’s own testimony he claims to want to stay.

Surely to all reasonable ends Rangers, as the side giving Kent development for the past season, would at the very very least have first refusal on signing him permanently?

It’s a strange development in what seemed an open and shut case.

Expect more on this one.

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