Steven Gerrard and his ‘keyboard wizards’….


Steven Gerrard today took a very pointed aim at sites like ourselves and pundits by referring to the criticism he and the club receive from the likes of ‘keyboard wizards’.

And critically, endorsing those criticisms and the right for them to be made, which is a heck of a lot more than what many fans have done.

Specifically he said:

“I’m well aware of the job I signed up for, I know after a few bad results pundits and keyboard wizards will always be there. That’s fine.”

This is probably our favourite Gerrard quote to date. Why? Because unlike his predecessors he doesn’t smear the right of fan groups and others to have their say, be it positive or negative. Indeed, only recently he held his hands up and admitted he’s taken the praise, so it’s only fair he also takes the criticisms too.

And this is the kind of introspection we can respect.

Gerrard is no fool – he knows the fans have their opinions and unlike Mark Warburton and Pedro Caixinha, for example, who couldn’t tolerate a bad word said about their work, he allows those who might have a negative comment after a bad result to have their say.

And that is a cut above. Sure, he’d rather be praised all the time – wouldn’t we all? But he recognises us ‘keyboard wizards’, social media posters, pundits in the paper and all the rest of them will not always pour platitudes over him and his team.

And he’s man enough to take it.


  1. I would give him next season and if he does not win silver then he has to go and let someone else have a go

    • It would be possible for us to make big improvements next season and still not win silverware. We can't control what goes on round about us. Let's wait and see what next season brings but I remain optimistic.

  2. Nice way of looking at it.
    I agree, he doesn't hide or shirk. He will turn out all right for us

  3. We have improved as a team , the trouble when you sign a player it's the same at any club it does not always work out , but it is magnified 100% at Rangers, it is easy for pundits behind a microphone to say this and that, if they have all the answers take the managers job on and let us see how it should be done, to be honest the Boyd's of this world should know better because what goes round comes round.

  4. I think it's a good thing and he could do worse, than visit sites like ours. Better to know how the wind is blowing, amongst the fans.

  5. Sorry – nice guy but he is downing. “First” job is too big for him. The Board put Murty out of his misery more quickly.

    Do we have to wait for another thumping from Lennon’s Celtic after defeat against Kilmarnock today before they act again ?

  6. Clearly 5-0 against Kilmarnock was a “flash in the pan” with their goalie off then back to normal service today!

    Small mercies at least we salvaged a draw.

    Some will continue defend the management team & players but how long can they defend the indefensible?

    Let call time with this experiment & put us out of our misery …

  7. Thing is, Gerrard is def an improvement from our last 2/3 managers. However the board and in particular the chairman is the real issue. Going out of business happened, we can't turn the clock back (wish we could). Until the finances are sorted we will go from one crisis to another. Heck we are not even publishing audited accounts, a bit like saying we have the money to buy real quality in midfield for next season. £5M will not buy the quality we need and that kind of money is miles off. Mr G has now said that is what will happen, I hope it does but doubt it can. Even £20 Million will struggle to cut the gap we have to bridge, they have been ravaged by injuries compared to us this season and after today / tomorrow are romping to 8 in a row! J

    • How do we sort the finances? No white knight is rolling up with cash. So we need to spend less than we earn or earn more than we spend. Raise income or reduce expenditure.
      Until we can do that, we have to use a combination or out of contract players, loans, and young players we can sell on for a profit

    • How can you say Ceptic have been ravaged by injury more than us. We have lost Murphy and Dorrans for virtually the whole season. On top of that we have dealt with multiple and long term injuries to Goldson, Barisic, Jack, Arfield, Kent and Grezda. All from a much more limited squad than they have.

  8. Not by doing what you suggest Scots WhaHae, sounds logical, but our finances are in danger of another liquidation because we are spending way over what we are earning despite this we continue to publish accounts that ain't worth the papar they are written on J

  9. J, I am suggesting we don't spend money we don't have. In what way does that imperil us financially?

  10. Sorry for the way I put this, I understand your view of my comments, to clarify, no one really knows (I include myself) what our finances are like, even if you assume we are doing what you suggest, we do know the two recruits from down south at the xmas are costing plenty, we have arranged longer contracts for some players more cost, our much vaunted commercial deal remains tied up in court and what young players are presently going to make us millions, just think we are miles off the mark financially and given we are still needing to go cap in hand for loans, there is a real danger of careering down the liquidation route if we continue to fail on the pitch, let's face it the football at present is reminiscent of recent past failures however instead of blaming the managers we have moved it up a level to blame the refs!! J

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