Scotland’s shame disgrace the nation at Pittodrie….


We will chew through yesterday’s talking points over the course of today, but following Pittodrie’s finest’s vile Ryan Jack banner, they’ve decided to go one better and insult Alfredo Morelos’ mother in possibly the worst-taste we’ve seen in football since the 90s and certain football ‘fans’ inviting David Beckham’s son Brooklyn to have cancer.

You see, it’s nasty enough to have a decapitated head of your ex-captain, because you’re butthurt over him leaving you for Scotland’s biggest team – sure, we get the pettiness there.


But there’s something morally over the score about bringing a player’s family into it, and insulting them.

It’s the old adage – say what you want about me, attack me if you like, but leave my loved ones out of this – and Aberdeen crossed the line.

We’ve been critical to say the least of their fans’ conduct – over the years this group of supporters have covered themselves in anything but glory when it comes to Rangers, and indeed the Scottish game, but insulting a player’s mother is a new level of disgrace that we should have thought better when believing not even Dons fans would stoop that low.

They did – they have truly shamed themselves, their colleagues, their club, and their city with that one.

We can take the Jack banner – it was nasty and uncalled for, but it insulted him and only him. When the home fans decided to attack an opponent’s mother it was the new level of bowel scraping Scottish football is sinking into.

Our game has become an absolute sewer for the worst elements of society to fester, and frankly we’re sick of it.

What a horrible lot Scottish football fans have become.


  1. The biggest majority of Aberdeen fans are absolute scum, small minority from our friends from the east are total scum, and shame on our supporter yesterday that took to throwing a chair into the fans, can only see the situation getting worse

  2. A mother is sacred, that despicable mob and their banner disrespecting Alfredo Morelos mother should be taken up by Rangers FC and sue the club. Individuals can be seen on camera and CCTV for club and police to initiate action.

  3. Get a grip of yourselves. Yes, the banner was in poor taste but to say it was on the same level as the Beckham/cancer one? Come on. That's two recent articles calling the fans of other clubs 'scotland's shame'. I really think we should be getting out own house in order before we start commenting on other fans behaviour. No?

  4. I agree. Having said that and not to indulge in "whataboutery", we need to stop singing sectarian songs, both home and away. I used to sing them with everyone else, without actually ever meaning them, just enjoying the singing and the banter.
    But those days have gone. Singing about being up to our knees in Fenian blood is no longer acceptable. So doing it is not reliving past glories. It is dragging our club's name and reputation into the gutter. It has been largely stopped at Ibrox, but away fans seem to feel they have more licence.
    With bottles and coins being thrown at players, politicians are going to demand action from the Police and the SFA. Our club will pay if this continues.
    I can remember a time when Scotland fans were as badly behaved as the English. Then we changed to differentiate ourselves from them and we were welcomed in all the countries that feared and hated a visit from England.
    It is time for Rangers fans to do the same.

    • So you used to sing them not knowing what they ment lol, go give your head a spin your not getting away with that one

    • Bluedoo, he says singing without meaning it. Different thing altogether. 90 minute bigot , singing the songs that others are singing. Totally agree with scotswaehae on this .It's time to stop putting our club on front/back pages because of the words we sing. We have Catholic players , how do they feel about the songs. How do future Catholic players feel about signing for us. Time to move on from sectarianism, it is doing us no favours. The times they are changing. WATP

    • Thank you Martin. I knew what the words meant. I just have never disliked anybody because of their religion and don't get hating people who believe in the same God as me, be they Catholic, Methodist, Jewish or Moslem.
      So I enjoyed singing the songs as part of a tribal thing, male bondin or whatever you want to call it. But "those days are past now, and in the past, they must remain"
      I would not sing these songs now, even though I do not and never did ascribe to the views they espouse. Today, I would just be embarrassing my club. And my club is more important than the songs. I am not a Rangers fan because I am a bigot. I am a Rangers fan because I love the club.

    • Well said m8. The times have changed for everything nowadays. Whether it be racism , Gay rights , sexism and sectarianism to name a few. This is however not down to us to fix. Both clubs need to work together and the whole league needs to have a look at themselves because we have a hatred in our game that I don't see in other places. Nobody likes us and it is increasing by the day .

      I was at the Kilmarnock game, Steve clarke your a wanker had Ibrox jumping, that was plenty imo. No need to take it any further. As soon as sectarianism got involved you just knew he was going to have a field day. What about Boyd ? I know they did the shared media questions but I do feel we get the finger pointed at us in the press more than them. It's time to sort this out once and for all. Players being racially abused , missiles being thrown. Players too scared to leave the house .videos of abuse directed towards players and I could go on. This is not a great advert for Scottish football and paints our great club in a negative light. TBF it paints all clubs in a negative light but I only care about ours. WATP

    • Exactly Martin. Whole of Scottish football is on the doghouse, we seem to get more than our share. BBC Scotland radio today on about Rangers fans ripping up seats, no mention of Aberdeen yet previous reports stated both sets of fans at it.
      Only thing we can do is get our house in order, so they have no ammunition. If we don't do it, government may do it to us. I liked SG and King starting it, but they need to follow through. Away game tickets to supporters clubs, but they are responsible for who goes. If they cross the line, no more tickets. the technology is there, I don't like the idea of a Police State any more than the next man, but if we can't control our fans, someone else out there will.

  5. Doesn't surprise me one bit. We've ( Scottish football) has been sinking lower than i can recall in my lifetime.

    IMO there's a few things that contribute to this. The media coverage these days is 24/7 and click bait rules, there's inflammatory articles everywhere, so many random websites repeating the same shit over and over again to get clicks. Then we have social media where fans continue to argue and insult each other way before a game is due to take place and way after as well, so basically the dust never settles. Throw in the BBC & other
    MSM wanting to demonise Rangers at every chance, which,then legitimizes idiot behaviour as their warped minds convince them they're the good ones.

    On top of that we have a league where teams play each other 4 times a season. It's no surprise our tetchy games this season have been against Aberdeen and Killie (more their gaffer than club) but these are teams were going to finish the season having played both SEVEN times.

    Now we can't change the world we live in social media wise. But we can at the very least change the league and stop funding trash media.

    Increase the number of teams, play one home and one away. Less chance of grudge matches forming over short periods of wont solve it, but it'll help & may even make the league more interesting

    • Great observations GavE it's a total disgrace across all 6 bigger teams . It's farcical that we play each other so much it doesn't help or improve our football standards actually the opposites and it builds up even more resentment . I would however make one observation Rangers are held in a different way across all of Scottish Football since we were sent to the 3rd Division and our unfortunate Administration That is TRUE no moan !!

  6. The pictures are clear ,these should be used by clubs to ban these so called fans,no matter what clubs they follow round.

  7. The key thing is that we get our own house in order. In 60s I regularly attended matches with opposing supporters and never felt threatened. I have friends who support all teams but are sickened by behaviour at many grounds now. There are a number of reasons for this. But top of the list is sectarianism. If you demand truth then this is it. Segregated schools.Next on list is legal system. Putting Rangers into administration was a disgrace.Only people to have benefited have been lawyers( ok maybe Celtic) but the rest of Scottish clubs suffered as has Scottish football. I truly believe the time has come for Rangers to rise above this. I believe Hearts and even Hibs have same ambition. We now have some share ownership. This is a step forward. Let’s make Ibrox a place where you are proud to take your kids and women folk. In the main we are succeeding. But more has to be done.

    • Alan, I have no issue with denominational schools as a concept. But I agree with you, they should stop temporarily so that we can raise a few generations of people who see other religions as the kid in the next desk, not the enemy at another school.
      Once we eliminate sectarianism, I have no objection to the return of denominational schools.

  8. Have Aberdeen board apologised for the offensive banner . The photo is clear, and the offenders can be recognised, will Aberdeen take appropriate action.
    Also annoyed at our so called fan s being involved in unacceptable behaviour. The media must take some responsibility over their reporting of selective journalism.

    • Rangers through SG and Dave King called out their own fans. I do not recollect Celtic doing so, or Hibs(they made a point of accusing Celtic fans at the same time), or Aberdeen. Happy to be proven wrong as fixing this will take all clubs working together

  9. You don't insult a man's mother. That's fighting talk. These cowardly scum should be banned from Pittodrie. They're a disgrace.

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