“Big performance” – 8 “Forgot he was playing” – 4 – ratings v Aberdeen


The dust settles on another frantic 90 minutes between Rangers and Aberdeen, and following the 1-1 at Pittodrie we’ll do it all over again later this month at Ibrox.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for the XI men out there.


Two or three big saves in this one stopped sure goals, and while it wasn’t ‘flashy’ goalkeeping from the number one, it was critical. Big performance. 8


Really is in a bit of a lull right now. The free-flowing runs down the right don’t seem as frequent, and his defending is a bit hit and miss. Did manage a few crosses though. He’s ok, but he’s been much better. 6


Tough one for the ex-Brighton man. Careless penalty early on and struggled to get into the match. Did manage some big blocks and clearances as the second half progressed though, so far from a total failure. 6


Always seems to show up on these big occasions. Not only his critical goal, but a succession of blocks, tackles and clearances – really great display from the on loan man. 8


(we had to add this guy in at the end of the article because his impact was so negligible we forgot he was playing.) 4


Tidy enough in the first half again, we suppose, but just lacks the physical presence Ross McCrorie provides. He keeps it ticking and he does work hard, but his diminutive stature works against him a little. 6


First weak performance from Jack in a long time, the ex-Dons captain was absolutely hopeless in this one with repeated losses of concession and lack of concentration. Was a little improved in that second half, but definitely one to keep out the scrapbook. 4


Injury may have told on Arfield who was subdued and a lot less influential than usual. Does it emphasise any more his importance that if he’s not at his best, Rangers essentially don’t play, especially in midfield? 5


Strangled of possession for a long time before the match stretched out, McInnes made sure Dominic Ball choked the on-loan Liverpool man, and we’d have to say Ball just about won their battle. Still had quite a few moments of danger but like the win over Dundee, not as effective as he’s been in the past. Definitely lacks any understanding also with Barisic – that combination isn’t working yet. 6


Outstanding from Candeias who had some moments of absolute class and worked like the usual dog he is. That pass for Kent in the second half was sublime, and he was a constant threat. 9


Sadly it was the Mr Hyde performance from Morelos today – eager to get wound up, the early dive and booking subdued him and he was a pale shadow of the player he can be when he’s in the zone. Wasn’t today. 5

Steven Gerrard:

We’re a little surprised he made no subs, and that he selected Barisic over Halliday for an obvious physical battle, but mostly the team he put out there was the one that’s been doing the business recently. And until Worrall scored, it struggled badly with Aberdeen’s physical presence and McInnes’ man-marking tactics, particularly on Kent. But the second half did see improvement, so his half time chat had something of an effect. But sadly that Joe Lewis had essentially no saves to make did point to a combination of some admittedly decent defending by Considine and McKenna, but also a lack of guile up front. Something Gerrard just couldn’t fix. Tough day. 5


  1. Agree with most of your post Tavernier was really poor he gave up possession too easily . Barisic not at the races as you say with Jack too. Steven Gerrard needed to be brave take ineffective Morelos off and try Defoe and the Lafferty that Aberdeen Donkey Back Four are there for the taking most games ….onwards

  2. were lucky were still in cup ,pretty woeful today , worral ,shagger were good, kamara ,barasic, over hyped ,,we just dont look up for it ,gerrard called it wrong again ,why did we sign davis ,defoe. big lafferty ,

  3. Dont know if anyone has seen The otsman story about Aberdeens Fans Banner
    Basically it said "Morelos your mother is a mattress"
    Do you think there will be reprecussions or as per sweep sweep.

  4. I want action taken against afc for that banner their so called supporters had about Morelos mother,WTF HAS SHE GOT TO DO WITH FOOTBALL FFS,I WANT ACTION TAKEN FROM THE SFA AGAINST THIS SCUM


    • What’s No Surrender got to do with football Benidormloyal?You can’t take the morale high ground when our fans are singing sectarian songs and thrown seats at the sheep fans. What is happening in scottish football?

  5. We had a bad day at the office today it's allowed. Job should be done and taken care of in the replay.

  6. Worrall was immense today – best defender at the club by a country mile. I’d have like Defoe in for the last 20 today – give their back four a different type of movement to worry about. We’ll do them in the replay.

  7. Candeias a 9 ? You must be joking , he played a couple of decent balls across but he constantly gave the ball away ,he constantly got into a fankle with Tav and missed a great chance at the end of the first half.None of our players were due a 9 .Worrall was the star man especially as Goldson had a nightmare .Don`t agree either with your constant digs at Kamara , it took him a while to get used to what was going on but battled on to a game. McCrories aggression would have helped but not instead of him.It says something when we have to forget about playing football against this mob as the refs let them away with murder.

    • So, you criticise Kamara, like us, and we're the bad guys? You're right though, we don't rate him half as high as we do McCrorie. We won't apologise for that.

    • Superb post wigsforever It is a damn shame the way all Scottish games have poor refereeing and an acceptance of aggression in the guise of a football match . The SS were up for it as a scrap the pitch was a disgrace .

  8. Quite surprised you haven't mentioned Ref, Clancy. He was blatantly bias against us! Tav should really be a 4 with Barisic, both were frustratingly mince!
    Take a bow again Mr McGregor, great save.
    Worrall, only outfield player who fought like a Rangers player should, well done sir as you do take a lot of criticism, so credit where it's due.
    I also think Candias should only be a 7. His distribution was average and appears to be wearing rugby boots judging by his shooting of late!
    I thought the game was dictated by Ref Clancy. He gave Aberdeen everything and us nothing. That said, it was up to us to win the game. We did not shut down Aberdeen quick enough when we lost the ball, we played at snails pace and lacked bottle a lot of the time. At half time, I said that I would take the replay, and thankfully we got it.
    Again, inconsistency creeping in as usual. Too many players did not turn up for such a big and important game. Still in the cup, but really need to do better!

    • Agree regarding Worrall. I wouldn't trust him to pass the salt across the dinner table but credit where it's due he seems to stand up for the big games.
      As for Candeias it should be noted that it was him that gave the ball away which led to the penalty so a 9 is very generous.
      I don't suppose Morelos helps himself by diving but what does the guy need to do to earn a free kick? He gets absolutely nothing from refs but gets severely punished himself for every little thing.
      Did nobody else notice the clear hand ball from a corner late in the game. It may have been Kamara that shot from about 6 yards and it appeared to be charged down with 2 hands. Some players appealed at the time but nothing was said about it thereafter.

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