Sunday, 17 March 2019

"Much bigger team" - key Rangers man looks elsewhere

Alfredo Morelos has today (again) confirmed he wants to move on this summer, and has suggested he wants a ‘much bigger team’ than Rangers in quotes which are sure to displease some of the support.

The 22-year old striker has had his eyes on a move for over a year, and has again repeated his desire to move to England, but first and foremost he wants a ‘bigger’ team than Rangers.

He said:

“There are a lot of people watching me from other clubs, but now I’m only thinking about Rangers and the national team, I’m focused on that.”

Which seems fair enough. Then he adds, as always:

“I’m only 22 but in five years who knows if I’ll be in a much bigger team. Hopefully, it will be in the Premier League because I have a lot of ambition, but if I have to go to another league I enjoy it.”

Morelos has repeated ad-nauseum his aching desire to leave, and we truly do get it. After the 400th repetition it’s hard not to grasp the concept he’s expressing by now.

Unfortunately the notion of ‘much bigger team’ is certainly unfortunate wording (if he’d said ‘better’ perhaps we’d reluctantly accept his point) and we’re not sure too many in the fanbase will appreciate how he addresses the club.

He has also now admitted he’s happy to go to Germany or Turkey (Fenerbahce finally confirmed today as being back interested, something we told you on the site weeks ago) but this summer we can be sure if a good offer comes in, Morelos will go and frankly with our blessing.

There are only so many times we can hear from a player how much he wants to leave.
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